Social Security?--Threats To Social Security Continued

February, 2011 Feature--Truth Based Logic

January feature on estate tax & welfare as threats to the social security of a people, continued; damage from family disintegration, cultural degeneration & egalitarian attacks on moral premises.

Last month, we examined the foundations of true social security; not a misnamed American Federal program, never actually funded & always dependent upon future revenues, taxed from future achievement, for promised pay-outs; but the social resources in accumulated, multi-generational, nest eggs of successful families. These not only once protected the immediate, accumulating, families in each community; but provided a base for the future employment of others in those communities and, as such, for a gradual, yet material, broadening of an ever more secure social base, as more families achieved a higher level of family resources. Of course, any broadening of the Welfare State concept--greater dependence upon Government, funded by excessive taxation on the achievement of the successful--operates in the opposite direction.

Yet, as significant as is the right to pass on family achievement--sacred in the Anglo-American world since Magna Carta--it is only one facet of a social infrastructure, which once provided social security to rooted families among all Western nations. And as tragic as has been the result of unconscionable assaults on family wealth over the past eighty years, these must be viewed in the context of a broader onslaught against all fundaments of a healthy social continuum that has defined social controversy & confrontation over the past century. This may be seen both in a legal & spiritual undermining of the continuity of the family, and in attacks on the very existence of a people (tribe or nation) as an ongoing social order. Unless the Conservative or Libertarian spokesman fully understands the extent of the damage already wrought on the foundations of heritage, and the mindset that drives the onslaught; return to a Society, driven by reason based social values & mores, will remain extremely doubtful.

Undermining The Family

The gathering attack on the importance, even existence, of the family unit--even where that attack has been clearly recognized for what it is--has been under-appreciated as a direct threat to social security. The family is the basic social unit, a multi-generational entity, by which achieving humans pass on both material & spiritual achievement; the medium for cultural continuity; the basic building block of a community or nation. Where the family is undermined, the whole social structure is undermined. While this may, for a brief time, be masked in the revolutionary fervor of a deconstructed, but newly ordered, society--as in Jacobin France or Nazi Germany--the long term prospect for such compulsion driven monoliths may be seen in the morphing back towards reality in Communist China, in the internal collapse of Bolshevik Russia, in the desperate poverty of North Korea, today, or in the former Communist Romania in the early 1990s.

The attack on the family in America has taken many forms, all of which undermine a sense of ongoing purpose, so essential to the preservation of past achievement--hence to the social security of a people. While it would be serious error to attribute all forms of the attack to a single source, there is clear connection. All aspects reflect a general decline in the cultural mores of the constituent peoples, who have gradually lost a sense of their own continuity.

Thus, fewer & fewer Americans have even opposed ever easier divorce laws, over the past century; "Domestic Violence" laws, which in most States actually penalize those in family units, with respect to the rights of one accused of a criminal offense, as opposed to an unrelated stranger; while many public schools, whether deliberately or simply from a lack of true respect, undermine parental authority in the implied premises of their approach to cultural questions. Both schools and media (print & broadcast) even confuse the perception of marriage, itself; treating something mislabeled "Gay Marriage," as a civil liberties question, rather than an oxymoron!

For over seventy years, the Federal Government has not only subsidized out-of-wedlock births, but has deliberately taken the traditional stigma out of them. (Such stigmatization was not society's attempt to be cruel; rather an organic reaction that had the effect of strengthening the importance of family commitment as a life pattern. The net effect of the new political & social dispensation, has been a tenfold explosion in the percentage of such births over the stated period.) This has created a huge, multi-generational, sub-culture of socially fragmented people, with much higher than average incidence of criminal behavior, yet much lower than average records of achievement; while, without the stability of a traditional family structure, those few who do succeed from this milieu are less likely than others to pass on the actual fruits of that success to their descendants.

The creation of this large under-class outside a traditional social structure--largely dependent upon Government & the very demagogues who have brought us to this pass--certainly undermines the social security of all of us.

Undermining Heritage & Social Continuity

Contributing to the foregoing, comprising perhaps an even greater total threat to social security, has been a more general attack on heritage & social continuity. While the Constitution specifically addressed the posterity of particular people, the European settler communities that founded the United States; there has been a deliberate effort by a growing segment of educated Americans to deny the ethnic concepts & values involved--to pretend that all people are basically interchangeable: That the American nation be redefined as a "melting pot" of the world's peoples, without a distinct character arising in the particular peoples who founded her. This is a clear attack on the ethnic continuity of those to whom the Constitution specifically looked for said posterity. This attack may be seen in its clearest from in the madness that in the face of unemployment, over-crowded cities & depleted natural resources, actually subsidizes the inward migration of incongruous peoples from third world nations, while refusing to protect our Southern borders. None of this improves the social security of any of us; neither those of the original stock or those, like this writer, descended from later arrivals.

Coextensive with the attack on ethnic continuity within an American public, has been one on social & economic success. Americans still honor personal achievement, but a political & academic leadership tends increasingly to embrace a Jacobin/Marxist mantra that blames high achievers for the failure of others. Demagogues incessantly preach envy & resentment, rather than emulation, to those who have failed, and push an educational fantasy to misdirect educational resources--including hours employed--while masking real factors (profound differences in aptitudes, including both mental abilities & motivational characteristics that influence application), which largely determine who succeeds at what!

This onslaught, embraced by "Mipips" (Marxist influenced pseudo-intellectual poseurs), coupled with economic disincentives provided by a "Progressive Tax" structure & various Welfare State subsidies for failure, as well as factors discussed last month, guarantee that those who at first succeed, lose at least a little of their enthusiasm for the quest; while those who once fail, look to a collectivist future, to be provided by those who have taught them to envy, blame & covet: A formula that insures that there will be no true social security for anyone.

Note how well the Marxist, Fabian Socialist & "Mipip" attack on the First Amendment (which actually forbade any Federal attack on organized religion) works to the benefit of this destructive, yet coordinated, agenda--and hence against the social security of all Americans. Not posting the Ten Commandments, not teaching them in school, means not teaching a traditional moral structure: Accepted precepts that support a better understanding of the multi-generational function of the family (Fifth Commandment); that forbid stealing the property of others (Eighth Commandment); that forbid bearing false witness(Ninth Commandment)--even against those who succeed in a free market;--that forbid coveting the achievement of others (Tenth Commandment). Indeed, the benefit of the Ten Commandments, with respect to the social security of a people, could not be clearer; nor the hostility to social security, by those who would restrict reference to those Commandments in the public buildings & political institutions of a nation.

Note, also, that the Biblical Commandment to honor one's parents is coupled with a premise that such is key to longevity in the land that God has provided--a premise clearly accepted in the Founding Fathers' stated purpose with respect to their posterity in these United States.

It is, of course, no mere coincidence that activists, preaching envy & resentment rather than emulation; agitators, attacking those who oppose social "change," honor their forebears & build on traditional social forms; as well as demagogues, seeking to appropriate the achievements of the productive & frugal for a corrupted & dependent clientele; all consistently embrace legal dogma, precisely contrary to the clear intent of the Founding Fathers. The intentions of the Founding Fathers, in the American legal compact now being betrayed, were diametrically opposed to the values of those systematically deconstructing America.

The offenders are not all part of the same organization; do not all recognize the same leaders, adopt the same labels. The common thread is not found in such attributes, but in a cloud borne, emotion & compulsion driven, fantasy that assumes some form of human interchangeability: Egalitarian make-believe & a never rationally explored notion that morality may be determined by counting the noses of those who accept a certain premise (people voting over issues they may not even understand, in a form of unqualified, universal, suffrage). And yet, the total absence of rational structure in this war on the realities of human experience, is very clear in the common hostility to an immigration policy that reflects the wishes of the rooted population of any nation, to actually preserve the limited, declining, resources of their own domain for their posterity.

We do not suggest that all who don this ideological mantle are "Mipips," or intellectually inadequate. There are also demagogues who exploit the appeal of some of these ideas to the former, for personal political gain; special interests who exploit the former to create social & economic conditions from which they may benefit economically. Yet neither can we suggest that an America that continues to turn a blind eye to the destruction of her social security, in ways that we have outlined, has any future worth enduring.

William Flax

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