Romney & American Conservatism

June, 2012 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Our political role. Why we have not endorsed a Presidential candidate. The Romney nomination as opportunity. A Massachusetts Governor. A problem solver, in a society with experience driven foundations.

We do not pretend political neutrality. But Truth Based Logic is no adjunct to any political party, candidate or faction. Our goal is to offer intellectual resources to Conservatives--particularly College students, seeking to preserve the traditional values of a particular society, whether in America or elsewhere. In this quest, we embrace Truth as medium for the communication of ideas; recognizing that it is easier to remain focused on such commitment, if we are slow to form specific political alliances. Yet hesitancy does not imply neutrality. So much for introduction.

Why We Have Not Endorsed A Presidential Candidate

While we have watched the Primary season in America largely pass without endorsing any candidate in any party, it has not been from lack of interest. As students of political history & technique, it was clear that the more effective course was to discuss concepts--the premises, ideals & all that flow from an American experience--the experience that underpins the Conservative values to which we adhere;--to do what we can towards pushing a public awareness to the Right.

History is replete with examples: Politicians tend to follow popular trends, rather than lead. To the extent that segments of the public can be pushed in our direction, we increase constructive pressure on all candidates, who are not compulsion driven ideologues, to be more conservative. The Reagan era is a case in point; the reverse was true in the leftward shift of many formerly conservative Democrats in the early "New Deal."

This does not imply lack of personal involvement. Our obvious interest has led to careful consideration of the merits, deficiencies & reasonable possibilities related to each candidate. While Governor Romney was never our first choice, he may prove, in fact, the one most likely to move in the right direction. Will he ever be as strict a Constitutionalist, as sound in defense of honest money or free markets, as a Ron Paul, Virgil Goode or Pastor Baldwin? Probably not. Yet consider:

The Romney Nomination As Opportunity

We believe that the Romney nomination may prove an opportunity for Conservatives to increase their influence in Washington, for the reasons cited for concentrating on concepts derived from the American experience with reference to political history. Gov. Romney is already being confronted by a vicious campaign based on class-warfare; a campaign dependent upon Marxist theories that demonize success & appeal to all that is base in the human character. Obama will not only appeal to envy, because Romney is a wealthy man; he will disparage Romney's competence as a "Problem Solver," precisely because Romney rejects class-warfare.

Under these circumstances Gov. Romney will be forced to respond, as effectively as possible, to the idea of class-warfare. There is the Conservative opportunity! Implicit, in what we hold sacred, are in fact, the most effective answers to Obama. A sampling of the offerings, in the links that follow, will provide an array of arguments for which the demagogue & his minions have no answer. Yet, of course, what we call "opportunity" depends upon grass-roots Conservatives taking the initiative to enter the fray through every honorable medium at their command. We must rally to the effort, lest we never have another chance. President Obama does not share our vision of what an American future should entail!

Massachusetts Governor

We have no problem in accepting Gov. Romney's assurance that his support for, and/or acceptance of, various Leftist initiatives in Massachusetts, were not indications of how he would behave as President. Actually, in some of the debates, he displayed a clearer understanding of traditional legal structures & the values that support them, than did most of his Primary rivals. What is involved, is fundamental to our Federal system. The legislative powers to deal with personal problems, individual needs--as opposed to managing the measures & support for a free, market driven economy--were reserved to the several States. The principal of these were those that deal with the health, safety & morals, of a population, all bundled under the label of "Police Powers." Obviously "health care," to the extent that any Government has a role in the personal health of an individual, was included in that bundle.

Having to deal with an awkward history might actually be beneficial, if it keeps Gov. Romney from going off on the dangerous tangent pursued by the Bush Administration & Romney's recent rival, Senator Santorum, in trying to dictate to the States on social questions that come clearly within the scope of the Police Powers.

This does not mean that we endorse provisions of what has been referred to as "Romney Care." We do not! But Gov. Romney's decision--as a public servant--to accommodate the wishes of a Left leaning majority in Massachusetts, may be forgiven in return for his pledge to repeal Obama's, clearly unconstitutional, Federal program; and to refrain from supporting any legislation not authorized by the Constitution. We add a further caveat; that he act as the "Problem Solver," he promises, in the sense that we will now define.

A Problem Solver In A Society With Experience Driven Foundations

One thing, generally accepted about Gov. Romney, is that he was effective in dealing personally with a variety of business problems, as well as managing to keep the 2002 winter Olympics viable. In short, Gov. Romney really does have a proven track record as an economic problem solver. And here is where the Conservative opportunity to influence Romney crystallizes. You cannot solve difficult economic problems by ignoring facts; by running or hiding from reality. The key to reaching Gov. Romney may well lie in this. We need to frame arguments carefully, less emotionally; building as statesmen in America's early years built their arguments on firm, demonstrable or self-evident, premises, to rally people of intelligence to a purpose. It is both the most honorable, and in context likely to be the most effective, way with respect to any issue.

We should not anticipate instant success. Persistence, coupled with courtesy--so as not to give excuse for easy dismissal of a point, few want to consider in the intellectually stifling climate created by Leftist domination of the media & academia--is necessary. Here victory may not go to the swift or popular, but to the persistent & polite. That, if you watched the Republican Presidential debates, is precisely how Gov. Romney sees himself! What we suggest may not be easy. It is essential.

William Flax

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