Misdirection: Destructive Leftist Tactic

[Why Politically Useful Problems Almost Never Get Solved!]

May, 2018 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Unless one assumes that all Leftists are dysfunctional, their penchant for seldom focusing on actual causation, seems a deliberate effort to misdirect attention from what actually works for human betterment.

Over decades, it has become increasingly clear that the Left depends on an endless iteration & reiteration of blind assertions--neither supported nor supportable in logic--rather than reasoned argument. Lest one assume that all--as opposed to some or most--Leftists are dysfunctional, let us look more closely at their apparent penchant, seldom to focus on actual causation for what they perceive as a problem, to see if there is not a deliberate effort to misdirect attention from what actually works for human betterment. We start with particularly absurd phenomena, which reveal a great deal about individual motives, bias & intentions, going well beyond the immediate scope of this article.

"White Privilege"

An introductory comment, not specifically limited to the focused point, misdirection, seems in order when we refer to recent allusions--among Academic Leftists--to "White Privilege." Attributing the impressive success of the posterity of European settlers, in what became America, to "White Privilege," involves an application of pure hate exceeded only by the level of the attributer's ignorance as to the stated purpose for a Federal Union, which benefits us all.

It was not "privilege" that brought adventuresome settlers, in tiny groups, a few at a time on slow, small, rickety ships, across a storm ridden Atlantic. No "privilege," when those who survived transit, cleared land to build farms & communities from the ground up; those survivors, often forced to watch hopelessly as many of their children & neighbors, died from harsh natural conditions, or from conflicts with the French & Indians, in the six generations before the War for Independence. Nor was it "privilege" to risk everything--and suffer greatly-- in that war. Not "privilege," to create institutions based upon personal responsibility; to adopt norms of conduct based upon experience, common sense & Biblical values; standards of behavior, where each generation providentially deferred full enjoyment of the fruits of honest labor & investment, to pass on both an ascending life style & enduring values, to future generations,. [America: Based On Experience & Reason; Losing America's Multi-Generational Purpose.]

The Constitution defines its continuing purposes in a Preamble: We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Note "general Welfare" is the logical opposite to the special welfare of a particular segment of the population. The object was to secure the liberty to achieve by one's own efforts, generation by generation. "Privilege," if there ever were any, had to be earned.

Recognizing the framers' avowed intent as to their posterity, is the only honorable path for those of us whose families came later. There have been enormous benefits--as well as duties--in being allowed to live & strive for personal & family betterment, as free men & women, in the America those settlers built. The combination of hate & surpassing ignorance, of those who prattle or hiss about "White Privilege," then, is an excellent place to consider a smaller group, who truly despise our heritage; those, not ignorant of sociopathic strategy on the far Left, but openly embrace it; those, who seek to misdirect attention from what might work for the benefit of all, to that which is intended only to stir the cauldron of self-destructive resentment, motivated by imaginary grievances. [Blame & Envy Cocktail--Demagogues Path To Power. See also, Reality Is Not A Grievance.]

The settler values; the provident culture of multi-generational aspirational pursuits; of deferred enjoyment, of building--step by step--on a proven foundation; is now--as truly as it was at the dawn of civilization--the path to positive human progress. In playing a sociopathic blame game on the susceptible, in vilifying mainstream Americans, their disciplined, Faith based, heritage of aspiration & achievement, with disparaging babble about "White Privilege"; those, who knowledgeably so engage, would turn those who trust them into a permanent dependent class. Disparaging those who succeed has never been a way to advance those who have not!

Educational Issues

What has been undermining quality in American public education, involves factors closely parallel to the mischief intended by those prattling about "White Privilege." [Greatest Mischief] Behind the idea that the social & economic success of the heirs of European settlers was only achieved at the expense of others, is an egalitarian humanist notion, that almost everyone has both the aptitudes & personality traits (including motivational) necessary to achieve at a high level; that the gap between high achievement and relative failure results, in large measure, from social injustice. Various aspects of this "fantasy"--for such it is--permeate discussion of the declining levels of achievement in American public education. For a detailed analysis of educational problems, resulting directly from Leftist ideological or tactical needs to misdirect attention from non-egalitarian realities, which actually dictate achievement levels, see Rape Of Tolerance: How The Left Keeps Minorities Dependent.

To understand the gravity of betrayal of the real interests of children--afflicted by a deliberate misdirection from actual causation of real problems--consider an article based upon the work of Dr. Clairette P. Armstrong, who served for many years as Chief Psychologist of the Children's Court & Domestic Relations Court of New York City. Based upon a decades long opportunity to observe first hand how well the "Liberal" New York environment worked to upgrade educational potential, and/or to flatten IQ distribution curves, she wrote in 1964:

"Rarely indeed does improved opportunity raise an I.Q. of a normal child irrespective of color, nor does classroom mixing of low and high I.Q.'s improve the dull--by contagion. A stimulating atmosphere does not change the normal distribution curve of intelligence, with the majority in the middle range, the lower and higher ends each trailing off in diminuendo. Sometimes siblings, all superior, may differ twenty points or more despite the same parents, same homes, same environments, same schools and same tests, keeping practically their original I.Q.'s, even fulfilling throughout their careers the early psychological evaluations from their abilities and temperaments. Then there are some who despite every advantage of family, finances and environment have I.Q.'s perhaps consistently above average, even "superior intelligence," but still insufficiently high to graduate from college.

"Dr. Armstrong discusses her own study of 15 year old delinquents from integrated schools:

"From equally deprived tenement homes, alike in low socio-economic level, each group, 200 Negroes and 200 Whites, was far below the average of unselected school children in intelligence and school skills. [Note, "school skills" reflect a separate category of aptitude.] But the Negroes, with a Stanford Binet mental age of 11 years 10 months, and I.Q. 79, .... were statistically inferior to the Whites, with a mental age of 12 1/2 year, and I.Q. 85.... In arithmetic the Whites were more than four years retarded, the Negroes over five. Nearly half the Negroes and a fourth of the Whites could not read at all; their small advantage over the Negroes means little. But on a test of simple mechanical ability (Stenquist) both groups were above the test norms, the Whites nearly at the top third, somewhat above the colored, and each group showed ability with simple objective situations which could be capitalized for satisfactory adjustment.

"Furnishing a child with opportunity for success is good mental hygiene. More manual training and trade schools are important. [But contrast her conclusion as to the consequences of environmentalist denial:]

"School misgrading, that is over-age child for grade, and the reverse mentally, often causing shame and grief to those of low intelligence irrespective of color who cannot fit the procrustean bed of the three R's, often leads to truancy, running away and multiple delinquencies. At the root of this logical enough sequence is escape from odious comparison with brighter pupils. Children ruthlessly ridicule their backward classmates who may recognize their incapacity and lament it. Class dunces are unhappy children. [This alienation of minority students continues in inner city schools today.]

"In suggesting the benefit of trade schools and manual training, Dr. Armstrong was not suggesting taking any educational opportunity away from anyone, Negro or White, able to benefit. But the hysterical egalitarian mindset that alienates those whose aptitudes are not for the academic is not only one of many outrageous by-products of the denial of reality. It serves a function also in condemning the scholastically alienated to a larger class of those alienated by an other Socialist instilled mindset: One that blames every failure in life on someone else, and looks to the collective to solve almost every personal problem." (See, also, Public Schools.)

The outrageous misdirection, involved in addressing educational problems over three generations--part of a socialist blame game--has resulted in a still growing, totally counter-productive, waste of financial & other resources, with no constructive benefit to the young lives being sacrificed on the alter of Leftist ideology. Misdirecting focus away from the particular aptitudes & motivations of each child, to hissed insults & envy based labels, does not make that ideology more acceptable!

Other Contemporary Examples Of Deliberate Misdirection

Examples of deliberate misdirection of attention from what determines undesirable results, to what rallies Leftist agitation, are legion. Consider the obsessive frenzy--in response to recent school & night club shootings--to limit the access of law abiding citizens to firearms. Firearms are tools, not perpetrators; tools no better, but no worse, than the one controlling them. Recent studies of low crime rates in communities with few restrictions on the ability of law abiding citizens to obtain firearms, but confirm what centuries of Swiss history have demonstrated; social dynamics, which George Washington cited in appealing to the Continental Congress to adopt the Swiss system by arming our civilian youth. [Right & Duty To Keep & Bear Arms

The operative factor, in the pursuit of domestic tranquility, closely parallels that in domestic prosperity--what the Left denigrates as "White Privilege." Both in applying market economics & in seeking public safety, the higher the proportion of those involved, willing to take or share personal responsibility for a desirable end, the better that end. Leftist efforts to smear those, who seek to perpetuate a culture premised on personal responsibility--efforts misdirecting attention by that endless iteration & reiteration of fatuously focused premises as to causation--but demonstrate the intellectual & moral bankruptcy of those actively engaged in that misdirection.

A clear, if more complicated variety of deliberate misdirection in contemporary American public attention, may be seen in the Left's response to a release of information on the violation of State Department security protocols by Mrs. Clinton; the dereliction of duty by President Obama, Mrs. Clinton & Attorney General Lynch; as well as the obvious collusion of the notorious threesome with Russian interests, to the Clintons' profit at America's expense, from the contrived sale of American Uranium to those Russian interests. What was truly sobering in the Left's response, was the overwhelming involvement of mainstream American media in focusing attention, not on true revelations about Mrs. Clinton or the Obama Administration--those items were largely ignored--but on what daily becomes a more evident "witch hunt," misdirected at the campaign of a President seeking always to put "America First."

The misdirection tactic is seen in decades of increased agitation for more & more Federal involvement in civilian health care--a function clearly left to the States in the Constitution--which has just as clearly resulted in the most expensive civilian health care on the planet. What the agitation has clearly misdirected attention from is the Hippocratic oath, which for over two thousand years has required that physicians trained in the medical arts, never refuse treatment to any patient because of an inability to pay. Relevant?!

Misdirection is the tactic when Leftist politicians denounce tax bills that allow those, who succeed, to keep more of the fruits of their labor & investments. They speak of "trickle down" economics, ignoring the reality that the upward climb of communities, from the very primitive to the most advanced, was always enabled by high achievers. Those high achievers provide innovations, such as that by an 18th Century Scot, who learned how to harness the power of steam, launching Great Britain (and soon the world) into the Industrial Revolution; or that by a Michigan mechanic, who developed the modern assembly line, at the dawn of the 20th Century, contributing mightily to the ascendancy of America; or those of a native Ohioan, who took a power source, which Ben Franklin had demonstrated earlier, and perfected it as a vehicle that would soon power the vast majority of homes & businesses in America.

What the hate spewing, envy & resentment merchants of the far Left do not tell you is that what they call "trickle down," is--and has always been--the universal benefit of innovative achievement; that the Founding Fathers understood precisely what they were doing in Article I, Section 9, of the Constitution, when they interdicted any "progressive" form of direct taxation; that penalizing high achievement by confiscating the fruits of individual effort, was as counter-productive as it was immoral.

And just what can anyone say of the present coupling of cult like pursuits of "diversity" & "equality" across virtually every basic biological human category, sexual or hereditary--a coupling enforced by an intolerant fanaticism, seldom seen since the Bolshevik & Nazi demands for uniformity of thought? (Compulsion For Uniformity.)

The reality is that none of us ever sat next to an actual equal in any school class room--unless it was a truly identical sibling. Some 'kids' were better at this, some at that; some were reasonably bright in general; some reasonably average; some reasonably dense; but all were unique combinations, in varied proportions, of desirable and not so desirable traits.

The folly of coupling pursuit of "diversity" (or any variety of social chaos, redistribution, or other form of social upheaval), with an egalitarian pursuit, should have been obvious. That it has led to endless comparisons of economic & social data, applicable to this or that subset of the overall population, compared to any other subset, was totally predictable--indeed inherent in the motivation for each cult. What is totally unfathomable, is how anyone would imagine that agitation based on such misdirection--agitation against recognizing each subject as unique--as an individual, whether as participant in a labor market or in any other pursuit;--that such agitation could possibly benefit society, or any subset, business condition or domestic tranquility.

Clearly, a continued acceptance of "politically correct" mandates that not only accommodate, but appear to require this misdirection, are not consistent with the continuity of our heritage. (See Leftist War On Social Continuity.) Is America's Surrender By Subterfuge--surrender of what was won in the Revolution--the actual goal?

Or what can arbitrary focus on income "inequality," as an imagined "problem," accomplish; other than to wreak havoc on the division of labor, so essential to a sustainable advance of civilization?

William Flax

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