"Liberals" Or Mipips

June, 2009 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Time to adopt new term for modern 'liberal,' more compatible with actual behavior & English usage. Why 'socialist,' 'communist,' 'fascist' & 'do-gooder,' do not work. Why 'Mipip' does.

This tactical note is directed to fellow Conservatives; to veterans in the battle against increasing collectivization of human societies; increasing dependence on expanding Government; to veterans in the fight against policies that rob the frugal & productive to subsidize the unproductive & improvident. To achieve more meaningful definition, we propose to replace the term "Liberal," as applied to those who would redefine human society, purpose, values and mores, in pursuit of egalitarian and/or collectivist ends. The term "Liberal," so applied, is clearly misleading. There is nothing liberal in social engineering; nothing liberal in coerced uniformity of thought or condition. Yet it is to such assaults on traditional liberty, free will & normal human pursuits, that we generally refer in misusing the term "liberal," whether as a noun or adjective. Is there a better choice?

While the modern pseudo-Liberal has generally accepted some of the egalitarian aspects of Communism, most of the breed are certainly not actual Communists. Neither, while they have much in common with the Nazi version of Socialist thought, particularly in their intolerance for dissent & willingness to indoctrinate children in ways that conflict with the traditional values & mores of their families, can they be fairly described as 'Nazis,' or even Neo-Nazis--although the latter comes closer to the truth. Nor, for similar reasons, do they really fit into the pattern of any other European Socialist movement except, perhaps, the British Fabians. Yet even there, comparison fails. As deceptive and over-reaching as the British Fabians have been, there is a serious intellectual gap between their early leadership and the American 'want-to-be's.' As for a comparison to Italian Fascists? Concepts of big Government are similar; as is the marriage between Corporate & Statist interests, now witnessed; but there remains an immense difference in ultimate purpose.

When Mussolini abandoned his Socialist roots to launch his own movement, he divorced himself from the Italian equivalent to those whom we used to call "Social Activists," "Limousine Liberals," "Fellow Travelers" or "Do-Gooders," in America. Moreover, while the American pseudo-Liberal, like Mussolini, had a foreign agenda, our home grown totalitarians were & are interested in inflicting an ideological agenda on other peoples. Mussolini only had dreams of Italian grandeur at the expense of other nations. While a close call, which would be more offensive to a self-respecting people; it is not really accurate to call our home grown totalitarians, "Fascists." And certainly such terms as "Do-Gooder," which involve deliberate irony, may convey the wrong message, as applied to those who have never done much, if any, good to anyone.

After much thought, we settle on an acronym, "Mipip": Marxist influenced, pseudo-intellectual poseur. Yes, it rolls off the lips too disjointedly to likely catch on with the general public. Yet that jerking effect is really its advantage. No one will likely imagine anything altruistic, noble, good-hearted or idealistic, about something called a "Mipip." And, in that alone, it is more descriptive than any of the usual terminology. There is, in fact, nothing altruistic, noble, good-hearted or idealistic about Mipips. Nor have they intellectual integrity; no ideas resting on any sound philosophic pursuit. The word sounds more like something that might have plagued Dorothy in Oz, than anything resembling one engaged in a philosophic endeavor. If anything, they are throw-backs to a pre-Socratic era of strong opinions, untested by critical examination of the realities of man &/or any human society.

Understanding The Mipip

While some Mipips may actually believe that communism (with a small "c") is the wave of the future and/or a noble ideal, it is not accurate to label them as a group, either as 'Communist' or 'pro-Communist.' Yet they are clearly Marxist influenced. They show this in an oft stated egalitarian justification for collectivist meddling in the social order; in their secular, as opposed to spiritually based, world view; in an international pursuit of ever more inclusive ventures in the quest for a new world order, one reducing the importance of all classifications of human difference, whether racial, ethnic, sexual, social or ideological. We intend no stronger accusation, than that they are in fact Marxist influenced--as has been every Socialist movement over the past century and a half.

This may raise the question, whether we were too quick to avoid a "neo-Nazi" label? It would not be unfair to aver that many Mipips are at heart Nazis, although by their own inadequate analysis, they may believe that they are the furthest thing on earth from the type. Their fancy, here, is that because they are focused--in their limited perception--not on their demonstrable wish to coerce acceptance of a social creed--clearly a Nazi like tendency--but on a logically less significant notion that, as their immediate social creed denies the importance of human difference, they are somehow exponents of a variety of freedom, the German Nazis denied. But the reality is that Mipips are no more in favor of freedom, as previously understood by Western peoples, than the original Nazis. They share many of the personality traits that most distinguished the totalitarian movement in Germany from 1933 till 1945--a variety of Socialism completely intolerant of any dissent from the dogmatic pursuit of uniformity; uniformity of thought, uniformity of control, even down to turning children against parents, whose only crime was a desire to preserve the philosophic roots of traditional German mores.

The contrast with the British Fabians is more subtle. Certainly, there is a direct connection between the promotion of the ideology embraced by the Mipip and that promoted earlier by the British Fabian Society. But, however mischievous, devious & subversive, the latter, they tended to display some intellectual acuity. In this they had much in common with some of the half-baked intellects, who led France into Revolution in 1789, only to consume one another shortly thereafter, because they lacked the mental discipline to really apprehend a true working relationship between man & any healthy political society, which might actually work to human benefit. While the Mipip's quest would have much in common with that of the Jacobins & Fabians, the Mipip tends to be merely a follower of verbalized slogans, the shibboleths of his mentors. Over and over again, the American Mipip has shown himself as only a pseudo-intellectual, without even the discernment to recognize that often all that he imagines as the 'wave of the future,' is but the product of some mischievous soul with an anti-social bias.

Mipip Tactics Of Persuasion

The Mipip does not debate the underlying premises of his dogma. He cannot. They are not clearly definable; clearly not defensible. The issue is not "why" pursue the dogma; nor is it, "what" is the benefit or cost of the pursuit. To the Mipip, the issue is always, "how to" obtain the dogmatic end; the new social order that the Mipip fancies. While the more philosophically disposed are uncomfortable with the declining intellectual content in political rhetoric and media promotions, the Mipip easily adjusts to the politics of the thirty second sound bite; always happy to announce his wishes for the future, however flawed or contradictory, as though they were a rational program, offering a better tomorrow. Not burdened by a perceived need for conclusions based upon supportable premises, the Mipip is comfortable promising everything that sounds good, to any group with which he identifies, in fancy or common interest.

This, in the age of the Mipip, is analogous to the self-fulfilling prophesy. Under a growing Mipip influence in education, wish lists have increasingly replaced structured analysis in the social sciences. Thus, schools turn out an increasing proportion of the population, who are unaccustomed to thinking critically on the issues of the day; human products, ever willing to listen to those who promise "wonderful things," such as the abolition of poverty & ignorance, while actually undermining the incentives, which have always been the precipitants for any true human progress. Thus, the more money they spend, the more social environments they engineer, the more people falling to a level where they are perceived to "need" the subsidies & social engineering, the Mipip offers. Of course, this creates the most vicious of circles, one that must inevitably break down. But in the process, the accumulated capital of the still productive citizen is increasingly compromised, as quack economics follow quack sociology, to create an impression that society can afford the mipip program, long after it no longer can. Eventually, the piper must be paid. The resolution will not be pretty.

In promoting his pseudo-intellectual wares, the Mipip has played on every base human emotion, previously exploited by Jacobins, Communists, Nazis & every other form of modern Socialist. But in one respect, he has outdone the rest. For in declining standards in the social sciences, the Mipip has succeeded in reaching a far larger percentage of the not so bright in Academia, than any of the earlier movements. No longer is the appeal merely to greed, envy, jealousy & resentment. No longer a reliance on a few bright, yet anti-social, would-be revolutionaries, to devise the tactics for "change." Today, in most Western nations, a significant percentage of students from affluent mainstream families have been conditioned with what must be described, as the mipip 'guilt complex.' They have been taught that much of what is wrong with the world is a direct result of their forebears' greed, racism, colonial oppression or elitism; that this generation must atone by subsidizing human failure, not only at home, but across the globe. This conditioning in guilt--a guilt based not upon the actual dynamics involved, but upon a complex fantasy--is largely responsible for a decline in the sense of community, nation & ethnicity, even of the importance of the family, as we have addressed in other essays. It is an achievement in social destruction of epic proportions, made possible by one crucial maneuver.

Mipips cannot defend their unproven & unprovable premises. Yet Mipips have learned or been conditioned to respond effectively to any attack on their unproven & unprovable premises. Mipips have succeeded by 'gaming' the question!

'Gaming' The Question

Most educated people will at least sense the fallacy, where the advocate of a controversial theory assumes the truth of unproven & unprovable premises to justify a conclusion. But Mipips do not just 'beg philosophic questions,' where there are no factual or rational bases to support the premises on which their conclusions depend. They actually 'game' such questions! The weaker the mipip argument, the more frenetic the effort not to reason, but to distract, intimidate or silence opposition; to, at least, put the adversary challenging the Mipip's false assumptions on the defensive, by attacks on his motives, character or both. What is most revealing to one devoted to rational analysis of man & his relation to a social order, is the timing of such diversionary attacks.

A public housing authority recently purchased two adjacent, four family, apartment houses in our neighborhood, intending to convert them into public housing. A meeting was called, at which the head of the housing authority sought to explain the action; to allay some of the community concerns, while attempting to discourage formal opposition. As the crowd became increasingly focused on the fact that the purchase involved an obvious misuse of public funds--both in the price paid, and the extreme unlikelihood of there being any practical benefit to anyone--a Mipip at the back of the room, from outside the neighborhood, obtained the floor. He identified himself as active in a group promoting subsidized housing for the "poor." He did not attempt to offer any reason to support the underlying premises for the purchase, those that the principal speaker clearly could not rationally justify. Rather he attacked the neighborhood for being "afraid" of poor people. He 'gamed' the question!

Now the neighborhood is an affluent one, with many small business and professional people, who have actually done something to help the poor by providing employment--often entry level employment--for those who would rise from poverty by honest effort; for those who understand how human progress is actually achieved. But the typical Mipip has really never thought that deeply. He knows that hurling insult at affluent middle-class Americans, today, chills a significant number into impotence. Accusing people of being afraid of the poor, or of minorities, aliens or whatever, tends to intimidate the susceptible; and the numbers of the susceptible have been rising steadily, the longer Mipips control public education. The intention is to change the subject, from the irrational policy of the Mipip to the motives of those daring to ask questions!

This is the technique that has blasted the Jesse Jacksons & Al Sharptons into serious prominence. The "Reverends" never have to prove their points. They 'game' every fundamental question with cries of "racism," "bigotry," or the like. This is the technique, also, that has been used successfully, since 1965, to prevent an effective answer to a flood of incongruous third world immigration. There has been no real debate on whether or not a nation should craft its immigration laws & enforcement so as to protect its ethnic character--the continuity of its unique heritage & culture. Mipips have 'gamed' the fundamental philosophic questions involved, by hurling insult at any who raised them. An illustration of just how far they will go in this was afforded in North Carolina, this April, when former Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado was prevented from speaking at a University by mipip students, shouting epithets to drown him out. A similar approach has all but destroyed public education in urban America. Perhaps nothing better illustrates Mipip success in 'gaming' essential questions.

In the 1960s, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, Dr. William Shockley, openly challenged the lack of scientific method, or evidence, behind the dogma being taught on American campuses, that there was no basis to accept hereditary racial differences in intelligence or other mental attributes. The Mipips of that day succeeded in shouting Shockley down on most campuses, where someone had even dared to invite him. Yet no one, then or since, has produced any evidence of racial equality. Calling people "bigots," "racists," "hatemongers" or "elitists," for daring to discuss the fact that, by then, fifty years of intelligence testing (now almost 100) has consistently shown similar & persistent differences between the major races, does not shift the burden from those basing policy on an assumption of equal potential, to those who would resist Mipip social engineering. Nor does a Mipip refusal to look at the fact, that ethnic testing results are confirmed by the observable manner in which those, in lands of ethnic origin, respond in characteristic ways to intellectual & behavioral challenge.

For example: Japanese tend to test very highly on I.Q. tests. To rational people, who understand cause & effect, this helps explain how Japan, which had deliberately maintained itself in a 16th Century culture until the 1860s, was able--once her leadership decided to catch up with Western progress--to become a major world player within a mere forty years--even to challenge American leadership in the Pacific, a generation later. Their history in their own homeland, again, was fully consistent with the success of those Japanese-Americans, interned during World War II. These faced more concentrated hostility from their neighbors of other races & ethnicities than any other people in America at the time, a result of wartime emotions. Yet virtually to a man or woman, they had so upgraded their social images, within two years after the War had ended, as to be more successful & respected than before the War began. Characteristics of the Japanese, which had enabled a rapid leap forward in their ancestral homeland, were just as evident in an adaptability to a culturally very different American social structure. Different facets of a similar consistency are reflected in the social history of virtually every people who ever came to America.

The reality is that man creates his social environment, not social environment man. Mipip social planning, premised on the assumption that you can make believe there are no differences between distinct peoples, serves no interest but that of demagogues and those who feed off human problems. But the Mipip, full of self-righteous fury, will continue to "game" any serious discussion of the real issues in the human adventure, until enough of us understand what he is doing, and return, with the intelligence & compassion that God gave us, to the actual subjects involved.

William Flax

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