Living With Obama--The Year Ahead

January, 2009 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Taking our best hold on disaster--living with an Obama Presidency: America in 2009, politically, economically, socially. One potential bright spot.

To say that America is troubled, as we enter 2009, is profound understatement. The confluence of 16 years of political corruption, demographic changes (deliberately promoted by the politically corrupt & intellectually bankrupt), and gross economic mismanagement--both public & private--would be grim enough. But we are about to inaugurate a man, totally lacking in fundamental American perceptions of public duty & purpose; a man only elected because millions of Americans saw in his candidacy a chance to purge a "guilt" fantasy, instilled by intellectually corrupt educators; into an Office once ennobled by Washington, Jefferson & Madison.

After 16 years of Clinton/Bush indifference to Constitutional limits, it was not surprising that their contemptible example would influence those not too morally restrained in Banking & Finance; even as the deliberate preservation of an open border continues to shift the balance between those who understand & would defend traditional American precepts, and those to whom the very concepts have little or no meaning. In the spirit of the times, the Federal Reserve runs amok. They have now established a corollary to Gresham's Law (that bad money drives good into hiding); the Bernanke Corollary: Recklessly hurling fiat money at an economic contraction, freezes even the preexisting stock of bad money. On December 16th, the Fed embraced a whole new dimension to past folly. It was as if Keynes, the most morally reprehensible economist of the 20th Century, was directing Fed policy from somewhere in the depths of Hell. Perhaps it was no accident that two of his disciples, Benjamin Bernanke & Bernard Madoff, came to dominate the financial news.

What, if anything, can one do amidst a gathering American tragedy? The answer will depend on how that tragedy develops from this point on; but one very clear point must be made. We need to be ever conscious of the human targets for efforts at persuasion--targets, which need to be both numerous and varied. While one should never compromise basic principle for the sake of popularity, it is very important--crucial in the present--that one not alienate any, whom we might otherwise reach, by foolishness. Let us focus this more precisely:

While Obama consistently played on the guilt & sappy egalitarianism of the home grown Left, and used techniques for crowd manipulation similar to those employed in the past by Communists & Nazis; it is not certain in which direction he will move--or when. We fully share a concern that he may try to take America in a Marxist or Nazi direction. But we must not act prematurely, not appear to prejudge a popular figure, now trying to seem more Centrist; one, who continues to have the combined Academic/Media complex slavering over every word. We can only damage our own credibility & effectiveness by attacking Obama, or his appointees, for anything they have not said or done--for what we only fear that they may do.

This does not mean, or require, silence. Obama has already embraced much of the Keynesian fantasy that is driving the civilized world towards economic disaster. But let the Obama team earn each rebuke. We will have plenty to respond to for what they actually do. Yet keep in mind that a rebuke should not only be earned, but carefully framed to address actual flaws in the words or action involved. It is essential that we appeal to reason, as well as sentiment; that we reach as wide a spectrum of educated Americans as possible, even some we formerly ignored--even ridiculed--as naive "Liberals." In this we need to improve tools of persuasion, rather than simply vent our anger.

Being persuasive does not mean being stupid. "Liberals," who can be persuaded, are not the militant, compulsion driven, fanatics--those behind what has happened. We will not reach--and can only hurt our credibility by trying to humor--those who seek collectivist uniformity in America, those who postulate human interchangeability, or the interests of the mob over those of the individual. But at every step along the way to perdition, Collectivists have been able to manipulate those whom Lenin described as "useful idiots." Now faced with ethnic confusion from an open border, we dare not write off any who are merely foolish--the wish driven "do-gooders." American Conservatism is not only the moral course. It is that most beneficial--the one that actually "does good"--to most well intentioned people. Conditions, now developing, manifest much that can be used to wake up other Americans, including many one-time "useful idiots," to the realities of human experience.

The Strategic Landscape

While the overall political, economic & social, situation continues to deteriorate, the potential for a meaningful counter offensive is growing. We are entering a period with many parallels to the early 1960s. In 1960, a "Liberal" Democrat, John F. Kennedy, was elected President. In short order, millions of Republican Conservatives, who had tried to be "good Republicans"--often a tactical mistake for Conservatives--by not attacking the Eisenhower Administration for an internationalist foreign policy with a Leftist bias, or for use of military force against Americans--felt free to join less compromised Conservatives in demanding a change of direction. By 1962, Conservative "Indignation Rallies"--responding to the new Administration's policies and failures--were drawing large, enthusiastic, crowds across the land. The Administration countered with an "October Surprise." President Kennedy had discovered Russian missile sites on Cuba--a bit of reality, already recognized in Rightwing circles before his election!

1963 saw a surge of support for Goldwater, who had succeeded Robert A. Taft as head of the Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Everything seemed promising. Then Kennedy was assassinated; and Congressional Republicans, confused and trying to play "nice," let Lyndon Johnson put a swing to the Left, which Kennedy had been unable to manage, through Congress. Our potential moment passed, support receded; and by the fall of 1964, Goldwater was too far behind to catch up--given the now familiar media bias. But the point: Millions of Republicans, who have stood by a dysfunctional Republican President--one virtually clueless on world issues, ethnology, social & economic dynamics--will now be flocking to fight back, under proper Conservative direction, when similar policies are urged by a "Democrat." Our job must be to provide intellectual leadership in this developing situation--not because the Republican Party is the answer; but because those flocking to "fight back" can be useful allies in the battle to preserve American values and interests.

In planning how to utilize a coming rise in popularity, we would emphasize two essential points; one which we have urged over and over again, one but occasionally:

1. Truth is our strongest ally. Whether the topic is economics, history, social or ethnic dynamics, we seek to preserve what has worked, what people have achieved; what is real, what is true. In the reasons why things moved in any direction--whether good or bad--or why failed, but endlessly retried, concepts have not worked out for the better; there are innumerable clues as to a reality, that the Left either does not understand, or deliberately obscures, because it does not fit their fantasy or wish list. A little analysis--such as that provided at this website--should offer much useful ammunition.

2. We need to recognize that all people--even all very good people--do not have the same priorities. Because one may not agree with every would be ally, on every political or social issue, is no reason not to work together--and work together with enthusiasm--on all issues on which we do agree. This is something the Left understands very well. It, more perhaps than any other factor, has given them an advantage. And if those motivated by hatred for what is, can work together despite strong personal differences--and sometimes bitter conflicting ambitions--when they see common advantage; it should not be that difficult for those motivated by love--by a desire to conserve & preserve--to do so. We must reject silly analysis that would divide Conservatives into artificial, and hardly exclusive, categories. This does not require anyone to surrender any principle--just the idiocy of "one issue" fanaticism. Those personal, "most essential," issues will fare far better, even in the short run, if we keep this principle in mind.

Changing America's Focus

This website exists to offer effective argument to challenge the fantasy world, the specious arguments and premises, common to all Leftist movements; as well as those peculiar to the American Left over the past century. While the arguments, offered, are ones for which the Left has no effective answer, we do not suggest that that will guarantee instant--or even rapid--success. Given generations of psychological conditioning, in a rising percentage of American schools over the past sixty or more years, even getting some to listen will be difficult. The problem is further compounded by the intensity of the conditioning on issues for which the Left has little if any rational argument. There is a predictable relationship between the level of hysteria in the Leftist response and the weakness of the actual Leftist argument on any issue. They shriek like Banshees whenever one challenges their fantasy of human equality; the intensity of the reaction inversely proportionate to the lack of any intellectual basis for the challenged proposition. In this climate, the answer is certainly not to remain silent; but a calm, quiet persistence, in making rational points, is clearly more persuasive, to more people, than answering hysteria with anger or insult.

No matter how effective a presentation on any issue, many will still reject the Conservative position. No one should expect well conditioned reactions to ideas, long effectively suppressed in the realms of ideological discussion, to immediately dissipate. In many cases, particularly in dealing with those who have embraced the fantasy of human interchangeability, progress must come in stages. The first may merely involve getting a subject to recognize that there is another point of view; one that people of intelligence and kind intentions hold as firmly--even more firmly--than the Leftist holds the Socialist, Collectivist or Egalitarian view, in which the subject may have been educated.

One of the next stages will be where a subject comes to understand that, while we do not impugn other folks' motives, a belief that social environment determines human conduct and personality, is essential for the Socialist, Collectivist or Egalitarian, to continue to believe that his solutions to human struggle are either fair or likely to actually work. Such recognition, will help prepare the subject to look more closely at the data from history, observation and empirical science; data, which clearly demonstrates that human differences--whether in aptitude, achievement, personality, behavior, intelligence or sociability--are primarily nature driven. That not only are the obvious differences between men & women, the tribes, nations & races of Man--even definable subsets of each--largely innate; but so are those between different classes & levels of achievement, within each subset of major recognizable categories. That "look," coupled with an eventual recognition that you do not elevate or promote positive progress for anyone, by acting on false premises, should, in time, achieve the conversion. But it may take a great deal of time and patience.

It is much the same in dealing with the fantasy that Government can solve economic problems by throwing fiat money at them--although, here, progress may be somewhat more rapid, the prejudice less deeply instilled. As a first step, one might try to paint a verbal picture of what would happen, even in a simplified model in your own neighborhood if, suddenly, everyone who had made a serious mistake in planning, were flooded with unconvertible currency, while the value of other people's life savings collapsed with the value of the dollar, and every contract for payment in dollars became suspect as to what those dollars might actually buy.

Bear in mind the terrible disaster that the Welfare State & "Civil Rights movement" have proven for supposed beneficiaries; that a people's money is not only a medium of exchange for their labor against purchases of the moment, but the principal measure in long term contracts; the measure of what they are able to save for future use; for what they are able to pass on to their posterity; that playing Keynesian monetary games, flies in the face of the multi-generational sense of purpose that is the foundation for cultural development, for that which provides the continuity of any people. Properly presented, we have a vast array of ammunition to explain to the naive, why Socialism can not benefit any well intentioned person.

The great benefit to the individual Conservative, in seeking to seize the coming moment, will be to keep hope alive; a sense of the importance of personal commitment, of enduring purpose as a part of a, once far better understood, multi-generational dynamic, which was the America the Founding Fathers intended.

William Flax

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