William Flax, Esq.

414 Walnut Street
Cincinnati (Hamilton County), Ohio 45202
(513) 381-6223

Experienced Trial Lawyer--Civil Or Criminal
Representing Clients In The Courts Of Southwest Ohio

Contingent Fees Available For Prosecution of Personal Injury & Some Contract Actions

Innovative Solutions For Difficult Problems.

Fees For Prosecution Of Non-Contingent Fee Cases & For Defense Of Most Civil Or Criminal Actions:

* Services In Office & Legal Research--$135 per hour.

* Time in transit between Office & Court Room or Deposition--$115 per hour.

* Time in Court Room or at Deposition Site--$180 per hour

Rates somewhat higher for Murder & some F-1 Felony Cases--or for Defending very large Civil suits.

* Contingent Fee Rates for the appropriate personal injury or contract case, by negotiation. If liability is clear, these ordinarily would be 25% (range 22-26%) for settlement without filing suit; 33 1/3% for settlement or judgment after suit is filed (range 30-33 1/3%)--sometimes with stipulation for more, if case goes to Appeal. [Fees calculated on the basis of net recovery, after all expenses of litigation. Most expenses responsibility of client, regardless of outcome.]~

* Also--Wills, Contracts & Incorporations, at "In Office" hourly rates.

No Divorce cases--a matter of principle.
Will handle post decree Domestic matters, at above hourly rates.

~People seeking representation on a contingent fee basis need to read the contract carefully. Some lawyers take percentages based upon "gross" rather than "net" recovery. In cases where multiple Depositions and/or expensive expert witnesses fees may be involved, this can make a very significant difference in what the client actually sees. Be very careful!

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