Job Creation Or Egalitarianism?

December, 2010 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Jobs & how to refute egalitarian delusions on social & economic reality. The role of Government in job creation. How to preserve cultural values, heritage, jobs & social comfort.

Major Republican gains in the recent Congressional election have led to excessive speculation as to what can or may follow; major questions as to how far one may trust Republican leadership to actually fight for traditional American values (discarded during the George W. Bush Administration, yet suddenly popular with the Party, after a spontaneous grassroots reaction to Obama); and considerable debate as to the tactics required to move America solidly to the Right. While we share the skepticism--a reluctance to trust the professional political community not to seek to co-opt that reaction, and then again betray a heritage & principles handed down by the superior leadership at America's birth;--if the true Conservative remnant act decisively, it may be within our power to reverse much of the destructive course of the past Century. What follows is a battle plan, of sorts; a call on all Conservatives to once more join the fray, to attack Egalitarian rationalizations for human folly in a way, which can break the hold that Leftist propaganda has had on American public thought & discourse for almost three generations.

In a short initial exposition, we will examine these subjects:

1. Jobs & how to effectively challenge a generation, systematically indoctrinated into a demonstrably false (Egalitarian) view of social & economic reality, to see the errors in what they have been taught, without having to go through the 70+ year nightmare that the Russians endured from 1917 until the 1990s?

2. What role, if any, can Government play to actually increase beneficial employment (job creation) for the citizens to whom it must answer?

3. How can any people best preserve their cultural values, heritage, jobs & social comfort?

How To Challenge Egalitarian Folly & Why We Must

To illustrate how not to challenge the false premises now rampant in Washington, one might consider the advice of one of the leaders of his generation of business executives, the former CEO at General Electric Jack Welch, recently offered to Republicans on CNBC. Focus on job creation, he told the audience; relate every issue to what will create the most jobs.

It is not that we do not respect Mr. Welch as a businessman. And the premises, which motivate American Conservatives, have a very positive effect on job creation. Traditional American values launched the greatest economic success story in human history, with enormous job creation. But in putting the entire emphasis on the material--the utilitarian--at the expense of the moral reasons for those very premises, with drum beat cadence ("jobs, jobs, jobs"), we abdicate the best way to present the argument for the America, earlier generations of Americans inherited. Moreover, in failing to confront the egalitarian folly, which led to the present malaise, we condemn any American recovery to the same pressures which have, in fact, undermined both that moral heritage & job creation.

One can appeal to those who want to see more job creation--without neglecting those with other priorities--by showing we understand how & why traditional American social & economic premises, even without specific focus on job creation, created more jobs than any alternative approach. The key is understanding the nature of Man & dynamic interaction among Mankind. Properly explained, folk with less than a High School Diploma can grasp the message. Substituting slogans & ex cathedra pronouncements, such as those which serve personal wish lists, as a basis for public trust in your skill at job creation--while never demonstrating the point by discussing the realities of human interaction--will only turn off those who do not trust your motives--as, indeed, it should.

Two powerful dynamics, which shed light on the point, were added to the usual political debate in this past election: First, a widespread public reaction to what was seen as Obama's assault on fundamental American principles. Second, the crystallization of a portion of that reaction in the "Tea Party" movement. Whether or not the movement flourishes hereafter, it has already returned attention to Constitutional principles--to the fundaments of American cultural values--as well as to a lack of job creation by those temporarily in office--those who openly ignore the oath of office, in pursuing gimmicks to control human behavior.

Political gimmicks do not solve social or economic problems. They only tend to mask causation. To the extent that they suppress freedom of individual action, they retard, rather than promote, economic progress. When combined with egalitarian dogma, they confuse both social & economic perceptions & focus by suppressing freedom of expression & analysis. Yet "proof has always been in the pudding"; and the best way to answer our first query, is by answer to the second.

The Role Of Government In America

Job creation, per se, was not a goal in establishing Government. It is a primary effect of a dynamic & expanding economy. Would you focus on job creation? You must start with an understanding of human experience in achieving a dynamic & expanding economy, looking back to a foundation in an original division of labor--a recognition by every people who ever progressed, that no two of us are equal; that we have different skills, different levels of application, different goals & desires. In the normal course of human events, job creation takes place among individuals striving to achieve their own needs, trying to find what they can do best to achieve those needs. The Founding Fathers, steeped in the recent history of settler peoples--who literally built social economies from the ground up--knew that no Government can legislate prosperity. Yet they understood how to encourage dynamic human interaction--the source of all job creation.

Read the Constitution, linked below, particularly Article I, Sections 8 through 10, in context, to appreciate the intent. In establishing a Federal Union, the Founders of America intended a limited Government, creating parameters that would allow productive individuals to flourish & prosper, both materially & spiritually. The Constitution provided the exact opposite to the sort of political meddling, we see today. There was no provision to empower Government to engage in social engineering, to level wealth, interfere with local education, or local social values. Rather, by securing uniform measures, sound gold based currency, individual responsibility, and a Court system intended to vindicate, not debase, the commitments people make to one another in pursuit of legal enterprise, they created a functional foundation to enable productive individuals to commit personal & material resources in pursuit of the good life.

The repudiation of egalitarian goals could not be clearer. The purpose in prohibiting direct taxation, save by head count (Sec. 9), was to prevent taxation being used to take from one group to give to another--always unjust, always a disincentive both to those being taxed & those being subsidized--yet always a spur to factional strife. The repudiation of monetary gimmicks was equally clear, both in the provision for uniform currency (Sec. 8) & in an agreed prohibition on the States impairing the obligation of contracts or making anything but gold or silver coin a medium for the discharge of debt (Sec. 10).

Under this wise policy, the original Americans thrived beyond their ancestral cousins' wildest dreams. Later immigrants, drawn hither from those who respected & emulated American values, also successively out performed less confident cousins, who remained behind dependent on Government. The magic was in the mettle of specific individuals, seeking freedom from political meddling--as opposed to those who saw Government as a personal problem solver, foundering in lands of origin--and a policy intended to guarantee that freedom. But since 1930, there have been marked changes in demographics, and in perceptions of Governmental purpose.

As gold reached $1400 per ounce, last month, we reflected on what mischief Keynesians have wrought on the accumulated achievements of many generations--on the systematic destruction of American achievement. Whether by evil intention or incredible stupidity may be debated. Whether the prime movers are in Government, or the quasi-private--yet Government established--Federal Reserve; the prime factor was Keynesian folly, employed by our Government since 1930. That pathetic poseurs only follow a socialist Pied Piper can not excuse a patent destruction of the fruits of other peoples' labor.

At $1400 an ounce, we had a Dollar worth less than 1 1/2 pennies in your Grandfather's pocket in 1929; less than 2 1/2 pennies even after Roosevelt betrayed his Constitutional oath, by cheapening every obligation defined in Dollars, in the 1930s. Those people did not save Capitalism! That sort of dollar debasement, within an eighty year time frame, meant the destruction of an incredibly high proportion of the accumulated wealth, the Capital created by the lives' work of many generations of Americans.

This harsh reality has been partially masked by the inventiveness of our people. The modern technological innovations would still have been available, had we not allowed Keynesians to destroy Constitutional measures, vouchsafed to earlier generations of American achievers. In fact, they would have been much cheaper, far more easily within reach of rooted American families. And they could have been acquired without the corresponding rise in debt to asset ratios, with which so many struggle today.

Consider how debasement of the currency has impacted small business in America--especially when coupled with confiscatory Estate taxes, promoted by the same Keynesians. How many family businesses have been forced into excessive debt after the death of an entrepreneur, because outrageous tax policy forced large borrowings to keep the business? (How many others have been forced to sell out to Corporate conglomerates, as the only other alternative to going out of business?) This madness is no path to job creation!

The folly in trying to address economic imbalances between supply & demand by undermining predictability in the market yet further, should be obvious. The more new variables the Government or Federal Reserve introduce, the harder--thus slower--for markets to adjust. Confusing individual participants with new parameters, can only stultify recognition of where new real demand--for what anyone may have to offer--may actually arise; even as that confusion stultifies a willingness to commit time & resources to supply any demand.

Culture, Heritage, Jobs & Social Comfort

The dynamic engine of American growth was a cultural heritage, which the Constitution and Founding Fathers sought to protect & enhance. Both the prosperity thus engendered, as well as the social comfort level of rooted populations happy with that heritage, depend for continuity on that of an ongoing system (and a population that understands & supports that system): A system premised upon the history of particular people & cultural accomplishments that reflect their experience--an experience based philosophy of Society & Government.

The cultural preservation of a nation requires a common value system--derived from the foundations of their culture--dependent upon subtle psychological traits in common; a shared history, shared genes that influence personality, a common identity; a level of prosperity--including individual reserves--that enable people to keep their enduring values sacred, without losing their way because of terrible, if temporary, crises--such as destroyed tradition in both what became Bolshevik Russia & National Socialist Germany;--and a set of priorities that cause each generation to instill those ongoing values in the next: The multi-generational purpose, evident in our early history & stated unequivocally in the Preamble to the United States Constitution.

Inherent in this composite of characteristics is one more essential. There must be mutual respect among the people. Mutual respect rules out Government as a problem solver for individual members of any faction. Mutual respect can never be consistent with a Government policy that appropriates the fruits of successful labor to subsidize the less valued, or even counter-productive, performance of others; or which leaves open a major border, so that the employment opportunities for the rooted population may be challenged by waves of an immigration incongruous to the people's culture, because some of that incongruous immigration will work for substantially less than the rooted population. Such 'job creation' can never be to the purpose of the native population!

The Founders' understood the importance of predictability in Government; of provident behavior in society; of the benefit of accumulated reserves to fund the future, to carry a people--with a sense of community--forward from one generation to the next--cushioning hard times & subsidizing an ever better future. Such achievement requires a people with a sense of individual responsibility for continuity--both as a civil society & a growing economy.

To the point, inflating a currency takes from one class of citizens to award those who have been less provident, at the first's expense. Also to the point, Jefferson had no animosity towards any race or creed, but he explicitly recognized the problem of an incongruous immigration on social character, when he purchased Louisiana for the stated purpose of heading off what is now happening. Voting patterns in recent elections will demonstrate the connection between these points.

We recognize that conflicting interests are evident in almost any policy. Some may be relatively harmless. But undermining a people's continuity, both economic & generational, can never be consistent with that people's well-being. Anyone with average intelligence must be able to understand this. Because those who mean us ill try to silence an argument by aspersing motives of all who raise it, is no reason to be silent; rather an imperative that more of us speak up.

We have no choice but to counter the theorists, who claim that you can solve economic problems by wasting the declining reserves--the accumulated wealth of a people, both material & spiritual. The damage has been considerable. It is not irreversible if we return to what five generations of Americans proved really does work, whether the subject be job specific or the good life in general.

William Flax

Constitution Of The United States

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