Abandoning Strength For Weakness

Cult Of "The Holocaust"
Golden Calf Of The Twentieth Century


The ritualized dogma over Nazi slaughter of Jews. What sustained Jews for 3300 years--a rational theology. Worship of a Golden Calf vs. birth of a sustainable theology. Slaughter of Achievers & Believers in the 20th Century. Will Karl Marx triumph over Moses?

Few subjects have evoked more emotion in the Twentieth Century than the organized slaughter of innocent civilians, perpetrated by the great totalitarian regimes of the Left. No one knows for certain even within tens of millions, precisely how many died. In China alone the estimates very by such dimensions--a vast tide of humanity. This essay, however, is not on the subject of the slaughters, themselves, but rather on what we perceive to be a deliberate misuse of the horror evoked by such carnage to the obvious further detriment of one of the most readily recognized victim groups, European Jews, and to their American cousins.

In describing the Cult of The Holocaust, we do not intend the usual idiotic debate over the precise numbers of Jews killed by the National Socialists and their sympathizers between 1942 and 1945. Whether the total was 4.7 million, as some have contended, the usually proclaimed shibboleth of 6 million, or even a slightly higher number, is a convenient diversion from critical examination of the psychological causes of the horror, or the nature of a constructive response. In our opinion, a ritualized response, whether by Jew or Gentile, which insists that the subject be discussed only by the iteration of approved details, terms, phrases and preferred adjectives, is not only intellectually dishonest. To the extent that this has been allowed to negate quieter emotions, the dignity of genuine sorrow, it demonstrates an insensitivity to human feelings. To the extent that it has been appropriated by the Non-Nazi Left, as a tool to damn the Right, it furthers the very lies that Hitler used to bring that slaughter to a ghastly fruition. To the extent that the ritualization becomes dogma, embraced by Western Jewry, it is clearly self-destructive.

Historic Perspective

Obviously it has not been the defeats that Jews have endured, which have sustained them through the Centuries. Those that occurred in Biblical times, from enslavement in Egypt to bloody conquests and the lost contact with over 80% of their original numbers, were comparable--if some did not actually exceed--the proportionate devastation of the Nazi era. Yet those disasters never were given a life of their own. It never became a tenet of faith--if you will--that no one question the extent or specifics of the tragedy. The emphasis, rather, was on a people's renewal in the Faith of their Fathers: The celebration, not of the cruelty of an enemy, but of the strength of that Faith.

For a compelling illustration of what was considered important, the Book of Exodus, which deals with the deliverance of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt, devotes all of one Chapter to the generations in which the Israelites fell from grace into bondage, and a level of persecution that included the killing of their newly born sons. The Second Chapter deals with the saving, adoption and life of Moses, until his flight from Egypt as a young man. The next thirteen Chapters tell how Moses, acting at every stage with God's help, got his people out of Egypt. The remainder of the book, the next twenty-five Chapters, deal with finding Mount Sinai, and the birth of Jewish Law and Theology. So, also, does the entire next book of Leviticus, and most of Deuteronomy. The contrast between the space expended on disaster and that on a spiritual salvation, could not have been more dramatic--nor the contrast with our subject.

Similar contrasts may be drawn from the other major disasters afflicting the Jewish people in the many centuries between Egypt and the Socialists.

What sustained the Jewish religion from the birth of an ongoing theology at the foot of Mount Sinai, 3300 or so years ago, was a system of beliefs, premised upon an all powerful Creator; beliefs, sufficiently rational and defensible, that they later provided the ideological underpinnings for both the Christian and Moslem Faiths, since embraced by half of all humanity. Through every adversity, the Jews were sustained by the Bible, especially the five books of Moses, the Pentateuch or, in its traditional scroll form, the Torah, believed to be directly inspired by God's selection of Moses as a conduit for Divine Revelation. Carried with them through the Centuries, it was this Testament of Faith that sustained a rare consistency and distinct existence; this revered Testament that provided an ongoing identity in a sustaining theology. To paraphrase Karl Marx, their deadliest enemy in the past thousand years, it was this Testament that made the Jew possible.

While 3300 years may not seem very long, in terms of the Cosmic, it in fact reflects a considerably longer period of devotion to a particular written theology, than that demonstrated by most of the World's recognized religions. When one considers the myriad of outside influences--in one land or another--one will perceive the strength of the old principles. Obviously the theology of Moses has great staying power. Yet, even at the outset, it was clearly challenged by the mystical appeal of ritualized superstition. As the Bible tells us in both Exodus and Deuteronomy, when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the original tablets, engraved with the Ten Commandments, he found his people worshipping a Golden Calf, which they had created as an idol.

It was a defining moment. Moses hurled the tablets down in outrage; and the people, now afraid, turned back to a living God, and rejected the symbolic, humanist creation. Their leader understood the difference between strength and ritualized self-deception, and led them back to spiritual strength. In the face of later disasters, there were other Prophets who performed a similar function. In what we have described as the Cult Of The Holocaust, the humanists have maintained the upper hand; and to the extent that they have redefined the Jewish conscience, have thus far managed to prevent a latter day return of that spiritual strength.

The Slaughter In Context

If the concern is to prevent the recurrence of the grisly events of the 1940s, it is imperative that the causes of those events be fully understood. It is not enough to remember that a political movement specifically targeted Jews as a class, or even remember all of the things that its spokesmen had to say in focusing the mob on that target. There was clear method in that targeting, and it is that method that must be comprehended by Jew and Gentile alike, if we are to have any hope of minimizing the recurrence of such atrocities.

It was Karl Marx who first systematized the modern Demagogue's strategy of focusing a political or revolutionary movement by hostility to a single target; Marx, who first selected the Jews as scapegoat for the West's ills. He wrote in February, 1844: A particular social sphere must be identical with the notorious crime of society as a whole, in such wise that the emancipation of this sphere would appear to be the general self-emancipation. ...In order that one class should be the class of emancipation par excellence, another class must contrariwise be the class of manifest subjugation. ....concentration of all the defects of society in another class, and this particular class must be the embodiment of the general social obstacles and impediments.

Early in their collaboration, Marx & Engels had written about the task of abolishing Jewry, in a book entitled, The Holy Family. Marx attributed the sins of Capitalism to Judaism, describing the achievement of Capitalism to a fellow Socialist: Now for the first time Judaism could gain universal supremacy and change dispossessed Man and Nature into disposable, salable objects, a prey to the serfdom of egoistic wants, of barter. In 1844 Marx declared, in an essay "On The Jewish Question," The Jew has emancipated himself in Jewish fashion, not only by taking to himself financial power, but by virtue of the fact that with and without his cooperation money has become a world power, and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of Christian nations. The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as Christian have become Jews.

As soon as society succeeds in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism, the huckster, and the conditions which produce him, the Jew will become impossible... his consciousness will no longer have a corresponding object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, viz: practical needs, will have been humanized, because the conflict of the individual sensual existence with the generic existence of the individual will have been abolished.

Marx and Engels were far from being the only German Socialist leaders who demonized Jews in the Eighteenth Century. So, too, did most of their principal rivals; even though some of them--such as Ferdinand Lassalle--were themselves nominally Jewish. Across the border, in France, the Left had been demonizing Jews since the French Revolution. Should it surprise anyone, then, that Adolph Hitler, who was in intense competition with the Communists to recruit those at the bottom of German Society (as fodder for their competing Socialist revolutions), would have chosen the Jews as his scapegoat? The targeted clientele had been long accustomed to the demonization of Jewry inspired by three generations of Socialist hatred. They were ready to listen! And with the demonstrated Nazi organizational ability, it was hardly an unforeseeable further step, to add a new dimension to Marx's call to the "task of abolishing Jewry"; a methodical plan to make "the Jew impossible."

As the staff of the Veritas Foundation summed up the point [The Great Deceit, Veritas Foundation, West Sayville, New York, 1964, p. 87]: Hitler, cleverly utilizing the accumulated backlog of Marxist class propaganda in Germany, merely had to switch symbols and cash in. Marx's concept of capitalists as Jews plus Christians who have adopted the Jewish principle is but one short step away from Hitler's charge that the Jews and their agents were responsible for all the difficulties of the German nation. In each case all the evils of society are heaped, deliberately, upon "one enemy." On the obverse side Marx ascribed to one class, the workers, the progressive spirit and all the virtues. Hitler identified the mass of the German people with this same symbol... standard bearers of all that is good and progressive.

But note well, no part of the horror that followed may be attributed to the Right--the Old Order. The reason Jews had become so favored a target for the "bottom feeders" on the German Left, in both Marx and Hitler's day, was a result of their considerable success and elevated position. They had thriven under the Hohenzollern policy of tolerant acceptance; a comfortable cultural participation, only equalled in that era in our own antebellum South. The Socialist attacks that followed were the usual attacks on high achievers, resented for a successful eccentricity.

Names & Labels
What They Communicate & What They Do Not Communicate

The very selection of the term Holocaust, in the context of a systematic program extending over a period of years, confirms our thesis. What befell European Jewry during World War II was not analogous to the uncontrolled fires, which swept Chicago's wood frame structures after a cow kicked over a lantern in a previous generation; nor to the uncontrolled fires that swept Dresden after the RAF dropped a large number of incendiary bombs. Those were holocausts. The Nazi massacre of European Jews was not so much a holocaust as a deliberate, systematic slaughter, carried out day by day, in actions coldly continued over a three year period. Trying to package carefully planned & executed barbarism, under a catchy label, is not only misleading & non-descriptive; it is terribly insensitive to the grief of hundreds of thousands of individual families, to whom specific events impacted more as deeply felt personal tragedies than as parts of a macro Happening.

From the standpoint of understanding the reasons for the actual atrocities involved, the use of a PR packaging term surrounded by cant is worse than misleading. It has had a positively anesthetizing effect on rational analysis of cause and effect. While our comments above will appear cogent and coherent to many Conservatives; the mental stultification achieved by that anesthetizing effect has been such that to most of the general public, the very subject has been shrouded in a mystique: It is assumed, without critical analysis that an evil madman (sic) on the Far Right (sic), somehow managed to persuade one of the most educated nations on earth to help him kill millions of people. The blame is then somehow attributed to Conservative values--to those proud of their heritage, race or nation! (Did anyone even appreciate the outrageous irony of Jesse Jackson, one of the most effective bottom stirring demagogues of modern America, including "Holocaust Survivors" in his litany of alleged victims of Florida election procedures in November, 2000?! Of course, he left his previous references to "Hymie Town" out of that speech.)

The identification of the Nazis with Western tradition and heritage is not only absolute nonsense--see the essay linked below on The Lies Of Socialism for a detailed refutation. It prevents anyone caught up in this mythology from seeing the obvious connection between the slaughter of European Jewry, and other like events. It prevents any cogent or coherent response to the contrived Socialist mob psychology--the deliberately stirred hatred for the success of others, the carefully cultivated fear and resentment of any target group's own values and envy of their achievement--that sets such horror in motion. In short, it misses the reality of the cold blooded pursuit of a formula for obtaining power over a collectivized population.

The basic formula that led to the slaughter of Jews in Europe during World War II, is the same as that which led to the slaughter of Aristocrats in Paris in 1793, and in Russia in 1917 & 1918; the same as that which led to the systematic murder of seven to ten million freehold farmers in Russia and the Ukraine during the early days of the Stalinist version of Bolshevism; the same as led to the murder of the Tutsis in Rwanda; the same as on a smaller scale leads periodically to the murder of wealthy Chinese in Indonesia; the same as just now afflicts those Rhodesians who remain in what has become Zimbabwe.

In each case, the mob--the lowest elements of the respective cultures under reformation--were aroused by lies and envy; by a desire to appropriate the good life, enjoyed by the more successful class being demonized, without having to earn that good life; while venting the hatred that those able to manipulate the mob had stirred within them, to destroy the targeted group for daring to be unique, for daring to have a higher standard and a better life. It serves the interests of no one but the perpetrators, to mask what has been going on, to ignore the pattern; to shroud it in a mystique that suggests, for example, that the murder of Jews was a separate one time event, reflecting only the blind, pathological hatred for a particular group by a single individual, or small group of individuals, and their admirers. Failure to relate the massacres during World War II to the general Socialist blue print for seeking and holding power, is a failure to understand the single most salient element of these atrocities.

Will Karl Marx Triumph Over Moses?

The subject here is limited neither to historic interest, nor to a debate over the importance of a vital and living theology. A rational response to the demonizing tactics of Socialism, among any targeted group, should surely embrace the following:

l. Identify and secure the good will of all of those, in the broader Society, who share a common interest and the significant values of the responding group.

2. Promote respect for the character and rights of high achievers in general; while exposing the negative motivations and debasing ethic of the would be levelers of Society--the demagogues who organize and exploit often imaginary grievances into the stuff by which mobs coalesce.

3. If the responding group has a religious base, promote comprehension and encourage respect for the theology involved.

4. Make certain that those identified with the responding group have full access to, and are well furnished with, adequate means for self-protection.

The dynamics which lead to Golden Calf Worship may be difficult to understand. But there is nothing vague or doubtful in the way that certain Fabian Socialist organizations, that feed on the fears of American Jews, have used the resulting stupefaction to cover their betrayal of the legitimate interests of American Jewry. Consider the well known Anti-Defamation League--which supposedly exists to protect Jews from men (such as Karl Marx) who would target and defame them. We have already addressed the ADL in our essay on recognizing the Bigot In The Argument, link below. But let us see how they measure up in relation to our suggested rational approach to the 200 year Socialist attack on World Jewry.

1. When Southern Baptists reaffirmed their support for the Mosaic code a few years ago, demonstrating agreement with the message that Moses conveyed at Mt. Sinai--the message that sustained the Jews for over 3300 years--the ADL denounced the Southern Baptists. That should not have surprised anyone; the ADL has been prominent in the attack on Southern traditions for generations. And yet, referring back to the 19th Century roots of the current subject, the Old South--the South of the antebellum Jeffersonian patricians--was the first region in America, where Jews were fully accepted into the political mainstream.

2. Whenever there has been a debate in America on the hereditary factor in human potential--the heritability of mental traits--and someone seeks to demonstrate the fundamental inequality of man--the ADL has been prominent in the chorus crying "racism," "bigotry" and the like (see Bigot article below). This doesn't just contribute to the constant flow of demagoguery over the failure of certain groups to achieve academic success at a rate comparable to others; demagoguery which is destroying American education. It makes affluent and successful Jews targets of envy and resentment rather than of respect and admiration. If this even occurs to the ADL leadership, their Socialist bias has proven far too great for them to ever deviate from their settled course.

3. In contemporary America, there is one confrontation after another over public display of the Ten Commandments. Schools, Court Houses, various other public buildings and institutions, have all come under attack for seeking to display the seminal codification of Western Law. Does the ADL encourage the display? Does the ADL even recognize that the Ten Commandments are one of the principal pillars of that sustaining Theology that Moses enunciated as the revealed word of God, when he came down from Mt. Sinai? No, they are up to their ear lobes in the cesspool of Leftist organizations cheering on their fellow Fabians in the ACLU; those, who have obtained injunction after injunction to remove the Ten Commandments from public view; from any suggestion that they represent values generally accepted by good Americans.

4. There is also a great debate over Leftist attempts to disarm the private citizen; to take away the private firearms that have always been an essential part of the American tradition of individual liberty and personal responsibility; arms, long considered our first line of defense against tyranny. The Nazis, of course, carefully disarmed the Jews before the slaughter began. Does the ADL recognize a connection, or defend the right to keep and bear arms? No! They are an aggressive part of the constellation, which wants Americans to give up their traditions and freedom, and trust an ever bigger Government for their protection.

Yet so great has been the stupefaction, produced by ritualizing rather than analyzing the slaughter in the 1940s, that an organization like the ADL--and it is not alone in its destructive madness--continues to raise money on the basis that it is protecting American Jews! What it is doing is offending those who would be the Jews' natural allies. What it is doing is demeaning the Jews' major contribution to the West, and thus demeaning respect for their faith and heritage. What it is doing is fighting to keep Jews--and all other Americans--disarmed; at the mercy of any demagogue, able to rally the mob in America, to finish the work that Marx and Hitler so brutally began.

For an antidote to the ADL, and evidence that there are still those who can understand cause and effect, able to react rationally to a problem, visit the patriotic website of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership--loyal Americans clearly in no fog bank of stupefaction. (The site is one of the best resource sites on the Internet in the battle to preserve traditional liberty for all Americans.)

The collapse of World Communism, obviously did not break the influence of Karl Marx and other Socialist theorists, who sought and seek a new egalitarian World Order. Their notions permeate Academia; their biases permeate the media. They clearly are not now, and never have been, governed by the restraints of traditional Western morality; and may be presumed to be as willing to destroy the gifted eccentrics, who resist their "vision," as they were in Centuries past. And yet there is in that very Mosaic legacy, referred to above and once generally accepted by the West, the answer to the entire hate and envy based message of the would be levelers of Mankind. We are not referring to the Seventh Commandment. The killing only starts after violations of the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth, become socially acceptable and endemic.

Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness. .....Thou shalt not covet, Moses reported from Mt. Sinai. Reintroducing those values to the people of the West is a much better formula for avoiding the slaughter of gifted minorities than any ritualization of former disaster. Properly understood, they are the absolute negation of Socialism. They are the antithesis of its mission, its method and its motivation.

While there is obviously a theological aspect to this Creed, it is the pragmatic, political/social facet that is our primary focus--the motivation for this essay. The analogy to the Golden Calf reflects not the theological aspect of idol worship, but the perverse appeal that the mystique of ancient superstition still holds for the less thinking among us.

The emergence of Western man from the thousand year depression, which followed the fall of Rome, was never the result of central planning, social engineers or the pursuit of egalitarian mythology. It was brought about by superior individuals, who dared to innovate, dared to excel--dared to demonstrate, by their every action, the fundamental inequality of man. It was acceptance of the values in the cited Commandments, which restrained the envy of the masses, and protected the individual achiever, lighting the beacons that made further progress possible. Socialist thinking has never contributed anything to resurgent human progress.

Modern Socialism, in all of its many varieties, involves a flight from the reality of human nature. It grows by marketing jealousy and resentment-- directed against the superior achiever, the superior deviant from the social mean--to those who perceive themselves as the failures in the Society being infested. What follows reminds one of a swamp creature from a horror movie, rising out of the stagnant milieu into which Man has sometimes fallen, desperately seeking to pull emergent human Society back into a stagnant past. As men can only be truly equal at a debased level, the pursuit of an egalitarian collectivist norm must always include the leveling of achievers--the snuffing of the beacon. Where those who understand resist, Socialism answers with the pent up fury of a movement born in hate.

Whether the next slaughter is of descendants of White settlers in Southern Africa, Conservative Southern Christians, who dare to celebrate the noble heritage of Washington & Jefferson, on through Robert E. Lee, or some other, previously unrecognized high achievers--such as the Tutsi in Rwanda--or again the European Jew; the pattern of hate-mongering continues as before. It is only because of a stultification of analytic perception that it is so little understood.

Return Of The Gods, Novel suggests way back to reality:
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