What Drives The Trump Haters

March, 2017 Feature--Truth Based Logic

What drives the anti-Trump mania in American political discourse. The American Revolution or international monolithic power. No path to peace."

This essay involves a measure of conjecture. It may be argued that it is in variance from our note of Caution, with respect to speculating on personal motives, with which we conclude the Conservative Debate Handbook (A Note Of Caution). Yet having been involved for over 65 years in fighting those who would impose a monolithic international structure over the diverse peoples of the earth, we have a wealth of observations & impressions as a result. There are related & common threads, among most--though not all--of those who display an implacable & seemingly irrational hatred of the Forty-Fifth President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump projects a likable personality. He clearly honors the American Revolution. He clearly does not want to surrender American sovereignty to any international humanist day dream or nightmare. He not only would preserve the fruits of our victory in the Revolution, he puts the interests of our specific people, first.

In contrast, President Trump's implacable detractors, across party lines, are less straight forward. Some are avowed Leftist Democrats; some ex-Bush II Administration Republicans--especially those who define themselves as "Neocons"; others self-defined, if not accurately, as "Conservative " journalists. What seems threatening to most of these implacable Trump haters--regardless of Party or claimed ideology, is President Trump's outright rejection of the strictures for what has come to be defined as "politically correct." The inveterate Trump hater is virtually always an individual who has genuflected to the contemporary idolatry of the "politically correct."

But there is an additional defining factor here--a parallel effect, resulting from the same root cause as that which motivates the "politically correct." Discussed in some depth in the essay on Surrender By Subterfuge, it has everything to do with a deliberate quest in Academia to replace the achievement of the American Revolution--and the very concept of a nation--with an international humanist monolith that would subjugate Mankind, in the name of "Peace" & "inclusion."

It is the fall out from this quest, which tends in most, but not all, cases to turn simple disagreement with tactics, preferences or modes of expression, into inveterate hatred. Most of the real Trump haters are those whose rational processes, if any, have been diverted to an absurdity: That treating Mankind as a single entity is, somehow, the key to a peaceful human future. Is such a delusion, the underlying motivation for much of what we call "politically correct" and, in turn, the reason why the "politically correct" so clearly despise Donald Trump?

Whether the subject goes to an explicit or implicit denial of racial or religious differences, or to prevent attribution of undesirable behavior to any recognizable group--with, of course. an exception as to citizens or subjects of Western nations, who hold traditional values;--"politically correct" is really about pretending that we are all interchangeable, equal in ability, motivation & virtue. Hence the feigned horror when a Donald Trump comes along to refer to identifiably stupid behavior with appropriate terms of derision. What we identify as an "Academic/Media Complex" is, basically, "all in" for imposing a world government to crush the very human "diversity," they pretend to respect.

We would further suggest that both immigration & foreign policies, under Clinton, Bush & Obama, made little sense, save in such pursuit. Their immigration policy clearly tends to break down social cohesion among a rooted population; the foreign policy under Clinton, Bush & Obama, benefitted others at the expense of Americans. (It took Donald Trump but a few weeks to force NATO allies to pony up more for their own defense--to demonstrate the absurdity of the Clinton/Bush & Obama subsidization of foreign interests.

Human Happiness--More Complex Than Humanist Comprehension

All globalists are certainly not egalitarian loons. Indeed, many Conservatives make the mistake of focusing on those captains of finance who gladly exploit "useful idiots" that fantasize over notions of "new world orders." (Particularly useful have been the intellectually dysfunctional humanists in the Academic/Media Complex, those whom we have drily suggested seek to mimic Nimrod's folly by a "Return To Babel".) The fact is that the globalist business interests do less ultimate damage than the egalitarian loons!

Whether one sees the concept of a new world order as a day dream or nightmare, who can seriously argue that the notion will ever be a positive contributor to any people's pursuit of happiness? As discussed in depth in Surrender By Subterfuge, the underlying assumptions of the most prominent advocates for the concept were all "make believe." Wishing people were more alike; pretending that people were more alike; did not make people more alike! Differences in tastes, physical & mental aptitudes, history, social priorities, and all things that contribute to the development of any unique culture, demonstrate the varied personalities of the diverse peoples of the earth; reflecting the multi-generational strivings--both spiritual & material--of each nation. The differences that Norman Cousins and other pursuers of globalism would ignore, all come under the heading of what Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence, as the "pursuit of happiness."

To be "politically correct" is to deny the celebration of particular achievement; to deliberately suppress joy & enthusiasm for things that distinguish us, one from another. Better understood, it is an attack on the liberty of any people to chart their own path--as witness the interference of the EU, on the subject of social values, among the "economic partners.". Liberty may be misrepresented as the cause of human conflict; but the powerful monolithic totalitarian forces of the 20th Century, which imposed uniformity of thought & condition on the populations they feigned to serve, stirred up more conflict in shorter time frames, with many times the civilian deaths, than the Imperial Monarchies that they replaced.

We do not suggest that Norman Cousins was seeking a Bolshevik or Nazi world order; nor that Clinton, Bush or Obama, saw themselves as potential American Stalins or Hitlers. (Though Obama certainly displayed an understanding & use of Nazi political tactics, Leftwing Chickens Coming Home.) But in failing to appreciate the importance of every people's multi-generational achievement, their continuity of identity & purpose; they did not advance either peace or human happiness.

The pretense of human oneness is not a path to anything but neurotic acceptance of egalitarian fantasy, which actually tends to suppress the sort of mutual respect among the earth's peoples, essential to a more peaceful tomorrow. People living in fear of criticizing one another, tend not to aspire to greatness; soon develop suppressed resentment. Thus poisoned, there follows declining achievement, declining focus on pursuits that previously led to positive cultural development; and, obviously, a declining capacity for happiness.

We have described the effect on the materially more successful. What "politically correct" means for the materially less successful, is discouragement from an upward quest; to blame & envy, rather than emulation of what has worked for others. "Political correctness," in instance after instance, leads to an endless repetition of the fall of Adam & Eve in Genesis: Paradise (Happiness) lost in pursuit of imaginary grievance. What "Politically Correct" egalitarian make believe ultimately leads to is the arrest of such forward human progress as depends upon a self-confident sense of aspiration & adventure; to individuals afraid or otherwise distracted from fully developing unique aptitudes, while wallowing in self-pity, jealousy & resentment.

The "Politically Correct" malady is predominantly a failure of recent Western "leadership," intellectual & moral. Trump stands as a modern Horatius, risking everything to win us the time to restore the America we have lost. May a just God Bless & Sustain him!

William Flax

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