Grievances & Grievance Mongers!

January, 2019 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Grievance mongers market grievances--real or imagined--leading those misdirected astray from what works for human betterment. Grievance Mongers, "Community Organizers" & Betrayal of Trust

Whether you believe the reported corruption of Eve in the Garden, in Genesis, was a literal account of an actual event, or an allegorical demonstration of human frailty; it captures the essence of a technique by which demagogues (the grievance mongers & "Community Organizers," in every age) market their deceptive wares to create animosity between definable groups. Persuading those targeted to focus on assumed "grievances," whether real or imagined, they divert attention from both constructive pursuits & quiet enjoyment of life's Blessings.

While results of grievance mongering are seldom so dramatic as Man's fall from Grace in Genesis, whenever mongers succeed in poisoning perceptions of a significant number of victims, in any definable group, we may expect an ugly outcome. Examples are legion. These include not only the predictable results from a Jacobin takeover of France & the obvious reaction (1789 - 1815); Communist takeovers of various nations, and the brief neo-Communist (Nazi) conquest of much of Europe; but many lesser cultural catastrophes, wrought by grievance mongers, who turned constituent parts of existing political societies against one another.

Grievance mongering, to the extent of indoctrination of the susceptible, has been particularly evident in the promotion of wealth redistribution, "Civil Rights" agitations and various forms of "affirmative action," on behalf of categories persuaded that they have a grievance against those who--as a result--have since had their freedom, property & privacy, challenged or reduced.

In a novel, Return Of The Gods, written under a pen name, we explore many of these challenges, with particular emphasis on the Feminist War On Love & Reason, where traditional sex roles--the cultural reflections of the overriding importance of sexuality to the continuity of life--have been assailed, in a litany of imaginary grievances, obviously intended to stir animosity between the sexes. Yet, as suggested, the novel explores the general effects of grievance mongering, in the political arena, to mislead & misdirect targets on a wide panoply of bases. The underlying fact being that true victimization results, when any group has been persuaded that the causation of a focused "problem"--real or imagined--arises from unfair action by those the mongers choose to scape-goat.

Note that damage to those listening to a Biblical Serpent or a contemporary "community organizer," does not depend on whether the "grievance"--as with Eve--was imaginary. The unfair attribution of blame is certainly wrong. But the primary damage to the one persuaded to focus on a "grievance," rather than on what one so focused could actually do to better his or her situation, arises from the misdirection: In ignoring what actually works to better an unsatisfactory condition.

Both our novel, Return Of The Gods, and the above linked Chapter on Feminism, from our Conservative Debate Handbook, illustrate the folly in embracing a grievance psychology, as answer to a perceived problem. Consider:

A need to blame others for life's disappointments, obviously diverts focus from the process of taking an inventory of one's resources--the aptitudes & opportunities available to address any frustration in a constructive manner. But the psychology in blaming others for life's frustrations, is addictive. It is especially unfortunate in a socio-economic environment, so dependent upon individual responsibility as that of one of the United States. The siren call of the skilled grievance monger can be as destructive to one's future as that of the actual Sirens in Greek mythology, albeit in a somewhat different way!

Coupling grievance & blame, has a clearly adverse effect on most personality types, souring perspective on general human interaction. A point certainly implied in the Lord's Prayer, in the plea for forgiveness for "our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." Thus the focus, which the grievance monger promotes, not only does not alleviate an original "problem." It promotes an attitude that creates new ones in the process. Toss envy into the emotional stew, and you create a class of professional haters--potential cannon fodder for a Marxist or Communist revolution [Blame & Envy Cocktail].

There is no rational or arguable way that such an exercise can be of real benefit to any victim of the grievance monger. The Serpent in Genesis was no friend to Eve. [Reality Is Not A Grievance.]

Grievance Mongers & "Community Organizers"

In an article dealing with adverse effects from the antics of intellectually & morally confused politicians, who divert American minorities from what actually works for human betterment [Race & Ethnic Politics--America, 2008], we addressed implications from Senator Obama's effort to distinguish himself from the anti-American, anti-White, views of Rev. Wright--his Pastor for 20 years. Obama was an avowed "Community Organizer"; but, yet more clearly, a demonstrated Grievance Monger, skilled in Hitlerian tactics. [Leftist Chickens Coming Home]

In attempting to prove independence from his Pastor, Senator Obama cited a disagreement. Rev. Wright had urged his flock to take personal responsibility in dealing with their problems. Obama claimed that such a course would be premature. To Obama, America--built from the ground up by individually responsible settlers--had to be fundamentally changed--presumably by Obama--before personal (individual) responsibility might work!

The incident revealed much that was wrong with Obama; but also much that was wrong with the McCain campaign, which failed to effectively respond to a clear demonstration of how anti-American--from any historic perspective--was this prime example of a Grievance Monger & Community Organizer. Obama was only sold to susceptible Americans with the help of an army of Grievance Mongers in the mass media; deceivers, who had embraced the underlying Lies Of Socialism, as a substitute reality, without serious challenge from the Republican candidate.

Or will someone suggest that taking personal responsibility for one's actions, rather than accepting slavish dependence, could ever be a bad idea for any one who would be free?! [America: Based On Experience & Reason]

A Betrayal Of Trust

Grievance mongering may work as a technique in voter motivation. There could not, however, be a more certain betrayal of legitimate long term interests. Whether the grievance monger is playing a class card, occupational card, sex or race card--or some variation of such--the diversion of attention away from what a targeted group can actually do for their own benefit, to a demand for some form of intimidation (or redress from others), will always involve a distraction from a pragmatic or altruistic approach.

We are all different. No one ever sat in a classroom next to anyone, with the same composite of aptitudes, motivations, energy, insights, or developed or undeveloped skills, on either side. From such varied attributes, a "division of labor" emerged long ago in the more advanced human societies: The phenomenon, a major factor in the rise of unique nations in the historic era. The conversion of that beneficial division, into a basis for brooding resentment over the inequality of man, was the determinant for what happened in France, before Napoleon; what happened in Russia under Lenin & the Bolsheviks; what happened in Germany under the National Socialists; what happened in Cuba, since 1959; what is going on in Venezuela, today; what, in different forms, has denied Argentinians, the future promise the Western World assumed would be theirs in 1900!

Envy, or a need to blame others for frustrations; for coveting what those others have achieved--rather than seeking to emulate traits that led to that success;--have seldom conferred even short term benefit on the resentful or envious--however well they may have enabled politicians, who employ community organizers, to overthrow established orders. It is an extreme understatement, to describe the product of the Grievance Monger or Community Organizer, as merely "a betrayal of trust."

William Flax

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Obama & the Clintons did not just happen! For generations, mainstream Americans have been bombarded with a three pronged challenge to the continuity of their values, culture & identity. These have included the absurd, oft repeated, lie of an equality of human potential; a direct attack on the ethnic pride & identity of mainstream Americans--and, indeed, on the unique nature of each of the many faceted & accomplished types of Mankind;--coupled with a pretense that Americans are somehow guilty of causing most of the earth's problems;--and the promotion of a cynical Utilitarian view of Government, which pretends that despite a written Constitution--precisely intended to prevent such misuse of power--the Government has whatever power a majority desire, to address any & all problems of unhappy individuals.

Novel, Return Of The Gods, written to clarify perspective, explores the impact of this ideological assault on Americans of many types, interests & perspectives, to demonstrate the macro political, social & economic factors that led to the 2008 economic & political disaster. Will false premises bring yet more social & political chaos? Consider>>

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