An Open Letter To Senator Lindsey Graham

[South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham recently referred to those of us who oppose the Kennedy/Bush Immigration Bill as 'bigots.' Our response:]

                                                  June 15, 2007

Hon. Lindsey Graham
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senator Graham:

     It has been reported that you have seen fit to refer to those
of us who oppose extensive immigration by third world peoples
into the United States, as "bigots."  You did not offer to debate
issues fundamental to the very concept of a nation; rather, you
chose to asperse the motives of those Americans, who sought
such a debate.  This suggests that you may be an intellectual
coward.  It also suggests that you have a strange perception of
your duties as a Senator for South Carolina: The State which
first declared its independence; which gave us some of the
most significant heroes of the Revolution; which later rallied
to John C. Calhoun's articulate defenses of liberty.  The State
which, in our own times, was politically defined by the long
service of the late Strom Thurmond, the man, who more than
any other in his era, was responsible for restoring some balance
to the Federal Judiciary.

     Name calling, of course, is no argument.  But then, what
argument do you have?  Considering the key factors involved in
framing an American immigration policy, your position may be
seen as the intellectual equivalent to the Emperor's wonderful "new
clothes" in the Hans Christian Andersen classic; the "statesmanship"
behind the Kennedy/Bush/Lindsey proposal, a moral equivalent to
the "service" of Vidkun Quisling to the Norwegians in 1940!  Am I
being unfair?
     Did you bother to consider the relative population of the United
States, now and in the early 1920s, when we first accepted a need
to severely restrict immigration?  All else being equal, would not the
determinants then, when the resident population was 110,000,000,
have vastly greater weight today, when that population is over
300,000,000--a third no longer even sharing a common European
ancestry with the settler Nation that grew out of the Revolution?
(That is, among those of us who would preserve the continuity of
that settler Nation!)

     Did you investigate the average IQs of the masses pouring over
the Southern border, as compared to those of mainstream Americans,
when you endorsed a methodology to legitimatize past defiance of
our law, and the creation of new paths to citizenship?  Or the
relative birthrate among such newer arrivals, as compared to that,
today, among settled White Americans?  Do you imagine all peoples
fully interchangeable--so much putty, to be molded in ways that you
or the Leftwing race theorists, who seem to be pulling the President's
strings, would like?  Or are you simply happy to replace rooted South
Carolinians with new faces--to do the work that White Americans
have supposedly grown too lazy to do?

     Have you bothered to consider the result the last time, White
Americans brought in other races to do the jobs "Americans did not
want to do?"  How long did it take South Carolina to recover from an
eventual fall out?

    Have you investigated how the so-called "melting pot," has
actually worked in America?  Is it simply an interesting coin-
cidence that urban areas with large enclaves of immigrants or
their recent descendants--even from Western lands, other than
those dominated by the ethic of Magna Carta--consistently vote
for candidates with a more Socialistic outlook, than do the
independent minded patriots in your own State, or in others
with more of the original stock, which rallied to the Magna Carta
ethos, so deeply reflected in the principles of the Declaration of
Independence?  Are cause and effect, any concern of Lindsey
Graham?  Any at all?

    With a view to understanding what may be expected in a future
where tens of millions of Mexican peasants become citizens amid a
static or even declining White population, did you investigate whether
--in any of the revolts that have swept Mexico over the past two
centuries--anyone ever defined a cause with the complex but very
rational values imbedded in our Declaration of Independence; or
drafted a charter comparable to Magna Carta, or promoted a written
Constitution with a series of essays, in any way comparable to our
Federalist Papers?  Were there any treatises comparable to John C.
Calhoun's Fort Hill Address?

     In his pronounced theories on immigration, President Bush
has assumed--both explicitly, and in a much wider sense implicitly--
that the personality traits of other peoples somehow 'morph,' after
they come here, into those traditionally considered American.  Do
you too subscribe to this notion, and, if so, what evidence have you?
Are not cultural traits that determine social values more reflective
of the specific people, who create the culture, than their geography?
Is the mystical transformation, which the President expects, based
upon actual experience, or urban legend--maybe even superstition?
(It is a close call, whether the President's delusion offers greater
insult to the Mexicans or the Americans!)

     Can we trust our children's political destiny to what may soon
be the electorate, if your immigration bill goes into effect?

     Have you read Jefferson's Second Inaugural Address or his letters
to friends, in which he explained why he bought Louisiana?  Can you
reconcile a belief that it was desirable for our future happiness to
create a settler buffer between the Hispanic culture of Mexico and
our previous frontier, with your support for the Kennedy/Bush bill,
which would effectively draw many more millions of Mexican
peasants into our midst?  Thomas Jefferson was an apt student of the
thousands of years of recorded human history.  His words, in 1800,
correctly captured the perspective of the original Americans.  On
what basis have you concluded that Kennedy or Bush has a deeper
understanding of the true America than had Thomas Jefferson?   

     Have you considered the effect of the "Civil Rights" laws,
which make it an offense to favor the native born over people of
other national origins in employment and housing in the United
States, on the right to even try to protect the jobs and neighborhoods
of rooted American families, in the aftermath of the legislation you
advocate?  Have you informed your fellow South Carolinians, that
they will not be allowed to favor the sons and daughters of those who
have been their good neighbors for many generations, over newly
arrived "guest workers" or legally cleansed "illegals?" 
     Just what have you done, Senator, to determine that your view of
immigration is enlightened, and ours merely a reflection of "bigotry?"
Do you also ascribe the term "bigot" to those who embrace the Fifth
Commandment, to honor their father and their mother, that their
days may be long in the land?  Is not a nation, if it be anything,
largely about lines of descent and a shared history and culture?

     Let me be very clear.  I have no personal prejudice against any
people.  I look at what is, and draw conclusions as to what is best
for America and my native Ohio.  Three of my four grandparents
were immigrants from eastern Europe.  I will not shame their
memory, nor insult the heirs of the America that allowed them to
come here and share a noble heritage won in toil and baptized in
blood, by putting the interests of any foreign people ahead of those
of rooted Americans.  Nothing, to me, is more contemptible, than
for one to come here, willing to enjoy the advantages flowing from
the achievements and sacrifices of the settler peoples who created
America, and then betray a sacred trust by undermining the rights
of the native born in their own lands, and over their own resources.  

     Those resources, of course, are finite.  We need to recognize
that, and as we seek to conserve what we have, to reaffirm, also,
that a Nation is its people, not its geography.  Geography may be
part of the patrimony of a Nation; indeed, its greatest resource to
be preserved.  That has never meant that anyone, who by some
means enters that geography, automatically becomes a part of the
Nation in possession.  There is infinitely more involved than that.
But your aspersions, Senator Graham, suggest that you have not
given such matters even the most cursory consideration.  	

                                      William Flax
[Faxed to Senator's Office 10:28 A.M., above date.]

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