Absurdity At Google!

A Metaphor For 21st Century Egalitarianism?

September, 2017 Feature--Truth Based Logic

A critical look at intellectual freedom of inquiry & common sense, among contemporary variations of geocentric humanist poseurs at Google.

In an age of fatuous--stupid but pompous--claims to moral rectitude by slogan spewing poseurs; it is no mean feat to stand-out among the legions of self-congratulating exponents of radical egalitarian dogma. The competition in the executive suites of Corporate America, has been to demonstrate the most "politically correct" acceptance of a new, never verified, "scientific" theory--now held with a degree of absolute certitude, as total as that once accorded to an equally well accepted, geocentric--or earth centered--universe.

As "wise men" once understood that the sun revolved around the earth, a new business "elite" have come to understand inherent "bigotry" & "discrimination" in such once widely accepted personal classifications, as those by sex, ethnicity, race, age & common sense. With a staccato uniformity, we hear an endless iteration of the chant that such concepts have no place in the personnel management of an aspiring corporation.

Aspirants are not content, only to show enthusiasm in rejecting "bigotry" in classifying humans. It has become, increasingly, a competition to act proactively; to condition personnel to recognize & reject efforts to consider data from which one, not well conditioned, could possibly conclude that such involuntary factors as sex, ethnicity, race, age or common sense, might actually have a connection to achievement levels, based on different specific aptitudes.

The mood of corporate gate keepers appears to place the highest priority, in all personnel decisions, on never showing any inclination to consider these now forbidden classifications in any human employment decision, except as such might serve the pursuit of "diversity"; which, with "equality" and "non-discrimination," have come to define their highest aspirations. In these pursuits, the classification based on "common sense" has become the most egregious of all--the one to be most desperately avoided!

In other articles, we have suggested that the humanist fervor--the determination to treat humanity as a single entity, as a unity--regardless of cost, is a conceptual effort to return to Nimrod at Babel. That it would take a Dean Swift to adequately capture the complex realities of contemporary America (Gulliver Discovers America). Suffice it to say, we have long dissented from claims that the new Corporate mandates represent wisdom, kindness, tolerance or anything of positive benefit to either sex, or to anyone of any ethnicity, race or age; and, most certainly, not beneficial to anyone with common sense. They insult & deny the higher aspirations of each of us.

So much for prologue. And yet we are already half done. What Google--a company grown huge and famous as a vehicle for mining data available on the internet, on virtually every subject in the quest for information, has just achieved, is to stand out from the corporate pack by firing a gifted employee for daring to suggest studying whether women, as a sex, have or have not the same aptitudes as men for working in the field of higher "tech": That is, daring to suggest mining data on a subject peculiarly relevant to Google's own sphere(!) in the quest for information.

Google did not invent hypocrisy; nor absolute intolerance to freedom of thought--the freedom to extend, rather than confine the human quest for knowledge. History is replete with its Galileos being forced to recant discovered truth; with crucifixions & burnings at the stake--manifold and frequent demonstrations of how fanatics enforce their will. Yet here is a company that has built its wealth, reputation & Persona on the human quest for information, firing a highly skilled employee for daring to suggest a logical project in that quest for information, within its very sphere!

That Google would suggest that the employee, James Damore, had crossed some sort of ill defined line, only maximizes the absurdity. It has been argued that the proposed fact seeking project threatened either the present positions of Google's female employees or their future potential for advancement. Yet how & why?

The would be iconoclast never suggested that no female had good "tech" aptitudes. If the proposed study confirmed that, as compared to men, a smaller proportion had such talent, that would hardly disparage the talent of any women so employed; any more than would a "study," showing a total domination in the field of bearing babies--an even more important human attribute than an ability to work at Google--disparage men; or any more than would recognizing men's aptitudes to play in the NFL, disparage women.

Google's demonstrated intolerance towards inquiring minds; towards actual "diversity" of thought; towards the reality that we are not all inter-changeable; that practically no two of us are actually equal; is astounding. It ignores the fact that much of human progress has been based on a division of labor; based upon a vast pool of potential jobs for which some of us are clearly better suited than others. In this it makes a mockery of its absurd moral pretensons. Revealed as hypocrites, in form & to a degree seldom so obvious in the human comedy, the only thing really clear amid all the inane babbling or gobbling of high sounding platitudes, is that common sense no longer has a place at Google!

To the extent that Google has created a faux issue, where there really was no rational one, it may in time reap a harvest in female employees' pursuing imaginary grievances, leading to all sorts of mischief. They have, clearly, betrayed the cause of truth, of upward aspiration--not to equal but excel--whether the cause be spiritual, material, romantic or artistic. But then, the mythical ostrich, his head buried deeply in the sands of self-inflicted ignorance, never solved its, or any other creature's, problem.

William Flax

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