A Fire Bell In The Night

Conservative Dilemma: How to handle those who are Conservative on some issues, yet embrace obsessive theories that may be used to stigmatize anyone associated with them. "Open tent" or blanket exclusion? The Incident: Hate focused fanatics invade a Conservative educational organization's "open tent." Understanding tactics of the demagogue: How David Duke tried to undermine American Renaissance. Dance of the Judas Goats: The symbiotic relationship (mutually beneficial game) that organizations, supposed to be antagonistic, play over & over again to undermine America. (What David Duke, the SPLC & ADL have in common.) The "Montagu/Duke error"--an absurd fallacy in logic--which underlies most racial and ethnic confusion: The answer? A commitment to truth!

On April 22, 1820, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to John Holmes, reciting how he had ceased to pay much attention to public affairs, "confident they were in good hands," when the controversy over the admission of Missouri into the Union as a slave State had awakened him, "like a fire bell in the night," filling him with terror. "I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. It is hushed, indeed, for the moment. But this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence." Jefferson went on to suggest that the problem between the States was virtually insoluble, foreseeing the coming catastrophe, 41 years later.

Most Conservatives in America believe that the hour is, indeed, very late if we are to avert the final loss of the ethnic and cultural heritage, born in the heroism and brilliant insights of the generation of Washington & Jefferson, conceived in the vibrant settler ethos that preceded. The last thing we can afford, is for intelligent Conservatives to become fragmented, to be lost in unnecessary infighting over chaos inducing tangential issues. Yet that is all the more reason, that those who--for whatever reason--may wish us to fail, may seek to so embroil us.

A Modern Conservative Dilemma

When the social infrastructure and value system of a people is undermined, whatever the cause, there is a rush to fill the vacuum. Thus, Napoleon emerged from the chaos of the French Revolution. Thus Lenin seized the moment, and with 10,000 Bolshevik followers in early 1916, forged a disciplined cadre of 40,000, who by November, 1917, were able to exploit a collapsing infrastructure in Imperial Russia, to seize the largest nation on earth. Thus Hitler exploited the damaged German infrastructure after the military collapse of 1918, further undermined by the ravages of the most destructive inflation of modern times in the early 1920s, to impose a monolithic Socialist dictatorship over all of Germany--as well as Austria and Czechoslovakia, a few years later--as ruthless as that which Lenin had imposed on Russia.

The essence of Conservatism is the preservation of the traditional structure and values of one's own political and social order. But individual Conservatives will have very different priorities as to which aspects, of that political and social order, are most important; which most likely to be threatened by contemporary trends. It is also, perhaps, a sorry aspect of the human experience, that people who are opposed to a specific program or institution, often seem to work better together, to bury other differences for the time necessary, than those whose motivation is to protect and conserve against a not always clearly defined threat. This tendency for people to rally in opposition to something, can pose a dilemma to the Conservative seeking to preserve.

We certainly need to rally all who are opposed to Leftist initiatives, which threaten institutions we hold sacred. But not all who oppose particular Leftist initiatives are Conservative; not all share our general values, nor the same level of understanding of underlying issues and purposes, involved. This problem, in turn, is aggravated by the fact that many people--particularly among the less educated--do not know where to turn, when they sense that something is very wrong in their society; particularly, where--as in contemporary America--they realize that both the Academic world and the media have embraced an interpretation of causation, which is demonstrably idiotic, yet sufficiently prevalent that many educated Americans have become afraid to open their mouths, lest they appear "politically incorrect." Thus groups spring up on the fringes of the debate, with leaders outside the mainstream of American thought; in some cases looking for a platform for purposes that have little or nothing in common with those of any genuine Conservative.

There are two schools of thought as to how to address this milieu. There is the "open tent" school, where a Conservative spokesman ignores the tangential views of some who may rally to his efforts, on the theory that they are rallying to his views, not he to theirs; that he has a duty to try to educate all who will listen to what he believes to be the correct approach to the issues involved.

The other school is that a Conservative must avoid appearing to associate with those whose tangential views might compromise either the integrity of the argument or the possible motives behind that argument. This is particularly likely to be the case, where a fringe element holds views that are inconsistent with Conservative values or actually offensive to that Conservative spokesman. There are, of course, many degrees of the problem or potential problem. The result is that most Conservatives fall somewhere in between. We are willing to accept support from those mildly "kookie," but loathe to be around those who appear to have hate-driven agendas. Hate is the motivation for social change--not for those who honor historic achievement, who cherish and defend traditional values.

For our part, we had always leaned strongly towards the "open tent" concept, making an exception only as to those with active and clearly unsavory agendas; leaving the tent flap open for the redemption of those whose peculiarities of thought were merely passive. In this attitude, we experienced something of a modern Jeffersonian wakeup call. What follows, was our "Fire Bell" in the night; our reminder of something else that Jefferson said about "eternal vigilance":

The Incident

American Renaissance is a monthly publication, edited by Jared Taylor, under a masthead quoted from Thomas Jefferson, "There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world." The publisher is New Century Foundation, an educational group, which challenges the assumptions behind both the "Civil Rights" movement and present Immigration policies that favor Third World nations over the European nations that provided the basic lines of descent, which produced the unique institutions and culture, once recognized throughout the civilized world as "American." While we have never met Jared Taylor, and are not a subscriber, what we have seen of his publication is encouraging. His perspective on most aspects of the disintegration of the American tradition is very similar to our own.

Mr. Taylor has also taken the "open tent" approach, allowing some outside the "respectable" mainstream of American Conservatism to attend periodic conferences, which American Renaissance sponsors, to offer speakers with insights into particular aspects of contemporary issues, and to explore better ways to make truth better known. Of course--as the name implies--the object is to reawaken American ethnic pride and resolve; something which may never happen if the Academic/Media complex, on the Left, is allowed to continue to suppress scholarly discussion of racial and ethnic differences.

One such conference was attended by David Duke and an unknown number of his supporters, this past February. The reports, from trusted sources--and since, interestingly, confirmed in essential points by Duke himself in a public statement trying to gloss over the details--are that during a question period, Duke strode up and delivered not a question but a viciously anti-Jewish rant, suggesting that Jews, as a people, were the enemy of the West: The basic argument, a claim that a Jew or group of Jews betrayed Granada to the Moors in the 700s, and that a Jew or group of Jews, betrayed Constantinople to the Turks in the 1300s! Meanwhile, the Duke claque scattered in the audience, called out encouragement for the disruptive foray. Some of them also insulted individual supporters of American Renaissance, who happened to be Jewish.

We will deal further with the Duke tactic, the logical absurdity of his actual argument, and uses that the real enemies of the West will make of it, in the sections that follow. Frankly, there are so many things wrong with this picture that it is a difficult decision with which to start, considering the complex of psychological perspectives, likely to be encountered among a potential internet audience. The one absolutely clear fact is that David Duke was either seeking to destroy Jared Taylor's work with American Renaissance, or was completely indifferent to the possibility of destroying the American Renaissance movement, in pursuit of some conflicting objective of his own. Why is this so clear?

Because David Duke has been a target of the self-anointed American thought Police on the Left--organizations such as the SPLC and ADL--virtually his entire adult life. It little matters, so far as the point here, whether Duke or the Left-wing thought Police have been the aggressor. (There was a time, many years ago, when we even thought Duke, a victim. Now?) He clearly understood how those who seek to suppress all objective study of race or ethnicity operate. He knew the tactics of guilt by association--even very tenuous association--by which groups have been tarred for even a suggestion that they might tolerate the sort of obsessive, hate-driven argument, which characterized his own performance at the Conference. He knew and understood this, because he has had the full treatment for 30 years.

It is beside the point, that many readers will conclude that Duke deserved that treatment. Frankly, we have no idea, whether Duke actually believes that the argument he offered was rational--we will deal with it specifically in a later section--or was merely a cynical effort to destroy American Renaissance; or if he actually believed what he was arguing, at what point in his life, he became obsessed with Jews. There was a time, when many Conservatives tried to give him the benefit of the doubt--when he seemed to be abandoning the mistakes of his youth in seeking to join the American Conservative mainstream. We were among those who thought it inappropriate for the first President Bush to meddle in Louisiana politics, to repudiate the then seemingly Conservative Duke, who had won the Republican nomination for Governor.

But no one, today, can have the slightest doubt, where David Duke stands. He is neither Conservative nor a friend to American Conservatives. Whether his obsession with Jews, his disruptive tactics among legitimate Conservatives, his widely reported involvement with avowedly anti-American forces overseas, flow from actual personal beliefs or a deep resentment over a personal failure to achieve mainstream acceptance in the early 1990s, is not really the subject. This is about David Duke's actions on February 26, 2006, the tactics he employed, and the serious error in logic, which he displayed.

In Duke's own subsequent gloss-over statement, he has acknowledged that Jared Taylor and American Renaissance have worked to tell "long suppressed truths." Of course, he ignored the primary mechanism for racial denial--for that suppression of the Nature side of the Nature/Nurture debate--the suppression of racial and ethnic studies. For at least 60 years, the Left has conjured up images of just such ugly behavior as Duke exhibited at the Conference, to intimidate all who would challenge the mantra of egalitarianism, using such images against all who have fought the egalitarian lie of an undifferentiated humanity.

In embracing a Nazi style attack on American Jews; by having his supporters, who were not part of the American Renaissance movement, insult Jews who were, Duke was creating a media opportunity for the propagandists on the Left, those who have smeared anyone honestly trying to study race and ethnicity for 60 years, by creating the impression that they were promoting a Nazi-like attitude. He was also seeking to split the American Renaissance movement between its Gentile and Jewish members. Of this much, again, there can be no doubt. David Duke knew, absolutely, what uses the thought Police of the Left would make of his antics; how they would seek to lump Jared Taylor and American Renaissance into the same obsessive fringe that Duke now represents. He was not there to study and learn--as his gloss-over statement suggests. He was there to disrupt, divide and undermine.

But having established intent, we have yet to answer, "Why?"

The Tactics Employed

While the immediate objectives of David Duke's foray into the American Renaissance conference may be known only to Duke and to God, there is no great mystery as to the tactics. Lenin and Trotsky employed similar tactics to expand Bolshevik Communism from a small band into the 40,000 who took over Imperial Russia. Hitler and Rohm employed similar tactics in converting a small band into the largest political party in Germany. We can be virtually certain that the Jacobins, who took over the forces of discontent in France in the late 18th Century, well understood those tactics.

It is not that Duke has a serious prospect for obtaining success similar to such historic malefactors. What alarms is not that he can succeed, but that he has decided to embark on this path. Doubtless scores, maybe even thousands, plotting to exploit discontent in major Western Nations, have attempted the same tactics over the past century, with little or no success. Duke will not ultimately succeed, but that he has targeted a Conservative educational organization is an immediate concern. He has effectively served notice on the forces of American Conservatism that, however he may seek to deny it, we are now his targets.

The primary tactic, here, was to embarrass the leadership of American Renaissance by making them appear ineffective, unable to control their own meeting; while Duke sought to appear as the more effective foe of all that is wrong in the prevailing academic culture. (Like his soul mates, Trotsky, Lenin and Hitler, he is very articulate.) The encouraging calls from his claque, while he was making his deceptive attack on the Jewish people, was very much a part of the tactic, intended to give the impression of a ground-swell of support; to sweep others along, to intimidate resistance. (Methodology, hardly exclusive to monolithic totalitarian movements. Similar techniques were used by the Internationalist wing of the Republican Party to stampede the previously deadlocked 1940 Convention for Wendell Willkie--previously, a virtual unknown, yet committed to the pursuit of a new World Order.)

The purpose of the other tactic, the deliberate insult to Jews in the movement--coupled with that articulation of an anti-Jewish smear--should be even more obvious: Divide and destroy. If the inevitable smears of American Renaissance by the likes of the SPLC--already in the field--and the ADL, do not destroy the movement, the attempt to divide on religious grounds just might. Of course, in that eventuality, there would be David Duke with a following of his own, to pick up susceptible pieces: Just as most of the Bolsheviks, at Lenin and Trotsky's command in November, 1917, had been recruited from the ranks of former Mensheviks by tactics designed to demonstrate the latter's relative ineffectiveness; just as many Nazis, intimidating others in the streets of Germany in 1932, were ex-Communists, who had been persuaded that Hitler & Rohm had a better approach to over-turning the existing order than had the followers of Lenin. (Many of the latter reverted to their former "ideology," when the Communists set up the "new" secret police in East Germany, after the war.)

We do not pretend to know whether Duke's purpose was purely demagoguish, or the effort of an embittered man to drag others into the same gutter into which he has fallen. That he employed Marxist/Hitlerian tactics, with respect to a so-called "Jewish issue," is what suggests the latter. Hitler's use of an anti-Jewish rant, to win the battle for the German streets, exploited the results of a century of effort by the German Left to demonize Jews & Judaism (see, "The Lies Of Socialism," linked below). The mystical idea that "Jews," as a recognized group, were behind the ills of German society, had a large following among those Germans seeking a simplistic answer to many of the things they did not like. But the mindscape for American mystical explanation seekers is not the same as the former German.

To be sure, there have always been some Americans who have imagined mystical explanations for social ills. We have had the anti-Masonic movement, the "Know Nothings," and other lesser known groups on the "crack-pot" fringe, who believed all sorts of rubbish to explain what they were either too lazy or too mentally restricted to try to understand. The point is that these "third force" movements, and the psychology behind them, do not necessarily offer the aspiring American demagogue, if that is Duke's chosen path, the level of opportunity they offered the Nazis in Germany. Moreover, American Judaism is hardly the most advantageous target for one who claims, like Duke, to represent the traditional interests of White Americans.

What is particularly strange about David Duke's embrace of an anti-Jewish mantra, as a mystical explanation for social ills, is that he originally sought to project himself as a Conservative Louisianan. Louisiana is well known as the home of the most prominent American Jew of the 19th Century, Judah P. Benjamin. Benjamin, an excellent lawyer, was chosen by his fellow Southern Senators to present the legal case for secession, amidst the farewell addresses delivered in early 1861. He was later selected to be the number three man in the Confederate Government. Compared to Benjamin's impassioned defense of Southern White culture, Duke is a veritable "parlor pink" on the subject.

What prompts this speculative digression is the suggestion, certainly not original, heard many times during the last months of the Second World War, that Hitler (admittedly a Leftist) was deliberately trying to take Germany down with him, in a virtual reenactment of the "Twilight of the Gods" from Norse Mythology. There is much to support that theory, including the total madness of the suicidal "Battle of Berlin," after the War had reached a point of no return by March of 1945. We think it far more likely that Duke, caught up in admiration for his own rhetoric, actually thinks he has a formula for some great personal triumph. But in understanding the tactics he employed against American Renaissance, the possibility of destruction for the sake of destruction, as a motivating factor, can not be ruled out.

Dance Of The Judas Goats

A "Judas Goat" is one trained to lead sheep to a place of slaughter. Our choice of the Judas Goat metaphor, rather than that of a "Benedict Arnold" or a "Quisling"--famous traitors whose names became synonymous with treason--is that one does not have to have an intention to betray, to be a Judas Goat. No Psychologist, to our knowledge, has ever analyzed whether the Judas Goat actively seeks to destroy sheep, to betray their less intelligent trust. In doing the job he is trained to do, he may or may not feel any qualms for the fate of the sheep. He may not even bother to focus on what fate awaits the sheep, after he delivers them to the intended destination. Thus, we do not need to speculate on the actual motives --however suspicious--of humans who fulfill analogous roles in our contemporary world.

The section on the "Montagu/Duke Error" addresses a logical fallacy, which both Duke and those organizations that may be expected to make use of the Duke foray, characteristically fall into. Here our focus is on the long observed symbiotic relationship between the self-promoting censors of public debate on ethnic questions, such as the SPLC ("Southern Poverty Law Center") and ADL ("Anti-Defamation League"), discussed in "How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument," linked below, and those who, as David Duke at the conference in February, corrupt legitimate debate on ethnic questions by injecting the rhetoric of demonization and mystical explanation in place of rational analysis.

Again, it is perfectly possible to assume--though we, personally, do not assume with respect to those we will characterize as "Judas Goats"--that all "Goats" are perfectly sincere, or believe that they fairly serve the interests of those to whom they offer direction or leadership. To once more take a well known example, a major participant in the "Dance of the Judas Goats," the ADL: It is possible that the leadership of the ADL really believes that in allying itself with the ACLU to oppose public display of the Ten Commandments, it is protecting the image of American Jews; that in giving support to a Homosexual Agenda, it protects Jews from defamation; that in opposing an immigration policy which considers lines of descent, it is consistent with basic principles of a Judaic heritage. Possible, but not likely!

For 3300 years, since Moses presented the Law that defined the Jewish religion, the Ten Commandments have been the centerpiece of Judaism, later accepted as vital to Christianity. It would be difficult to conceive of anything less likely to lead to a defamation of Judaism than a posting of the Ten Commandments! It would also, to anyone remotely familiar with the strictures of Leviticus, be difficult to conceive anything more defamatory to the Mosaic heritage than to link an organization claiming to speak for American Jews with a movement seeking to force social acceptance of a Homosexual "lifestyle." As for the implied attack on consideration of American lines of descent? Find a book--any book--that puts a greater emphasis on lines of descent than the Bible!

It is also possible that David Duke really believes that you can prove a trait applicable to millions of people, by citing incidents 600 years apart, involving at the most the tiniest handfuls; or that he can advance the interests of rooted American Whites by viciously dividing the small numbers of academically inclined Conservatives on religious or ethnic grounds; or that he has some sort of mandate to police the membership of other organizations for which he feigns sympathy. Possible, but not likely!

The number of Jews scattered around the Roman Empire, at the start of the Christian era, has been estimated at 5,000,000. The significance of what a handful of their descendants may have done 700 years later, is on a par with refusing to hire an immigrant from Norway in a nursing home, because you have heard that a suspected "mercy killer" in Oslo smothered his grandmother with a pillow in 1492. Much of the American White tradition is about minding your own business and expecting others to mind theirs. Duke knew perfectly well that he had neither business nor moral right, attending the Conference as a guest & then insulting other participants.

But the Judas Goat phenomenon does not depend upon the sincerity of the goat! This is how the dance goes:

A dancer, such as the ADL, moves onto the floor announcing that its research has uncovered a prominent "Anti-Semite" in a well known Conservative or Patriotic organization. It issues a warning about the possible threat, suggesting the organization is a haven for "bigots." Those in the organization protest. Some may be drawn to other organizations, which seek to hit back. Meanwhile, a group that has accepted the German Socialist idea that the "mystical explanation" for social problems is a Jewish role in the West, attacks the ADL as a participant in some form of Jewish conspiracy. Thus the dance is joined, and those susceptible to either argument gradually drawn in; some merely as gawking spectators, some actually taking to the dance floor.

Years pass, and now the Socialist fantasy has been embraced by a major European party, the German National Socialist Party, and a whole new set of dancers take the floor; some claiming to have new evidence of Jews as the mystical explanation for social woes; others, such as the SPLC, which came yet later, claiming to have further evidence to support ADL suggestions that Conservative and Patriotic American groups are motivated largely by "hatred," "bigotry," "fear" & "xenophobia." And so, on and on it goes! And more & more, Americans of every persuasion stop other pursuits--including the pursuit of truth--to gawk at the dancers. More & more of us become less & less inclined to open our mouths on certain questions, mesmerized by the increasing frenzy on the dance floor; confused, as an endless succession of action & reaction, offers apparent confirmation for the self-fulfilling prophesies of each participant.

Thus, physical anthropologists and psychologists studying differences in average aptitudes among racially definable groups, gradually fell silent on American campuses. Thus the major Hollywood studios, which, before the dancers got their second wind playing the "Nazi card," were making patriotic American movies showing the Old South in an accurate and friendly light, began to make movies that distorted and misrepresented Southern history & society, fueling the flames of racial antagonism, and demonizing the Southern traditionalist with tactics very similar to those employed by Hitler against the German Jews. Of course, Hollywood has been manipulated by the Left using fear tactics based upon the very images that David Duke would reinforce. Thus the David Dukes have claimed proof for a mystical Jewish explanation. Back & forth, the dance has gone. With each turn more ugly, more destructive.

Obviously, studying human differences need be no more ugly than studying differences between the techniques of a Rembrandt & Renoir. It is only by the dance of the Judas Goats that those who would suppress such study have succeeded!

It was thus the Goats danced away much of the Twentieth Century; reaching at times almost orgasmic joy in their enthusiasm for their respective parts. Thus they have danced now into the sixth year of the new Century, still moving to the same looney tunes. Unimpeded, they will make certain that America, as we have known her in the past, will not survive another generation.

When we were in grade school, the major animated cartoon rivals to Walt Disney--the ones that introduced Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig--were called "Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies." The Judas Goats dance to looney tunes, but theirs are certainly not merry melodies! There are few tasks more important to the American Conservative cause, than turning off those tunes; or, at least, closing the mainstream dance hall to Judas Goats.

The Montagu/Duke Error

The most striking thing about the dance of the Judas Goats, is that all of the dancers, in one form or another, employ the same logical error. The chosen label is intended to reflect that fact. Ashley Montagu, was the most notorious disciple of Franz Boas, the German Socialist Professor at Columbia, who turned the Anthropology department into a propaganda mill for those with an apparently compulsive need to deny the significance of race & heredity. Montagu's best known book, Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy Of Race, reflects the dogma that the Boas school and their allies in other "disciplines" sought to impose on America. The entire argument is one by exception and in mitigation of the fact that all--not some, but all--empirical evidence supports a racial hypothesis; i.e. that race is as much a determinant of mental aptitudes & proclivities as it is of physical appearance & medical susceptibilities.

We discuss Montagu at length in "Myths & Myth Makers In American 'Higher' Education," below. But, in brief, his "evidence" combines wild speculative flights, attacks on the techniques of selected investigators, who reported results of studies completely consistent with all of the previous studies, and a general attack on the motives of anyone still daring to even study the subject--a method similar to that employed by those whom we have described as "Judas Goats." Conceptually, it is an argument based on a careful selection of isolated, but useful, phenomena from which he constructs a fanciful picture that bears no relationship to anything in the real world. It isn't even analogous to failing to see a forest for the individual trees. It is more analgous to trying to define an ocean by a piece of drift-wood infested with termites.

And such is the same rape of logic & reason demonstrated by David Duke at the American Renaissance Conference. Duke's argument, from separate events that may have happened in the Eighth & Fourteenth Centuries, even if augmented by reference to the antics of thousands of Left-wing Jews in the Twentieth Century, does not establish a significant pattern, when put in the context of hundreds of millions of Western Jews, who over the past two Millennia have read their Bibles and tried to raise God-Fearing children, who would live the sort of family oriented, traditionally-valued, Western lives that the ADL has sought to disparage.

Of course, the Montagu/Duke error is not limited to the Boas school of pseudo-Anthropology or to the Duke brand of studied bigotry. It has been the standard tactic of dissemblers with agendas, throughout human history. And the antidote is always the same. It is always, yet only, in understanding the fullest possible context of any issue, that we find truth. Once you put the Montagus, as well as the ADLs & Dukes of this world, into context, and examine the sham logic of their pretensions in the context of whatever the subject matter may happen to be, they stand exposed for what they are. They are not enlightened, wise or truthful!

[Further note: While Duke & the ADL employ the same logical error, they appear on first impression to have selected very different targets. Certainly, the dance above suggests that they are merely reciprocally useful foes. Yet, curiously, the focus of each suggests merely a different facet of a profoundly anti-Jewish fixation. Duke targets Jews as a people; the ADL, while posing as the Jews' defender, targets the essential fundaments of belief that have sustained Judaism since the time of Moses; beliefs, of course, equally important to the traditional Christian. We refer specifically to attacks on public display of the Ten Commandments, on which the ADL has supported the ACLU; to attacks on traditional Southern ethnic values and, indeed, on any effort to preserve a unique American ethnicity; even to attacks on the American Boy Scouts for rejecting homosexuals as possible Scout Masters!

It is entirely possible that it was the combination of a Faith centered in the Ten Commandments & a total rejection of the homosexuality tolerated among the pre-Christian Greeks, which accounted for the survival of Judaism for over two millennia after a Classical Greek civilization--which achieved higher measures in virtually every other particular--had collapsed into the archives of Academia. From such perspective, it would appear that the ADL, as Fabian wolves in sheep's clothing, pose a far greater, clearer & more present, danger to American Jews than does David Duke. The greatest threat he could possibly pose, is in appearing to validate the ADL.]

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