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A Challenge To 21st Century "Liberalism"

Truth Based Logic
Return Of The Gods

By Jacob van Flossen (William Flax)

Kipling themed Novel demonstrates the spirit & dedication of this web site: As Federal entitlements & a grievance mentality continue to grow; economic confusion, intrigue, conflict & violence, reflect the social & psychological dynamics of a gathering disaster that threatens the continued existence of America.

Before Obama & Mrs. Clinton, Americans were subjected to a Century long propaganda barrage, influenced by Marxist & Jacobin values. Answering that attack is the purpose of this web site. In the dynamic interaction between varied individuals in the novel, you will find the most compelling argument. Carefully plotted, Return Of The Gods combines graphic realism, raw sexuality, historic perspective, chivalric romance & numerous subplots, to directly challenge the wisdom of what has passed for political analysis for the past sixty-five years. The scene is America--the mainstream media in the throes of a "politically correct" mythology--as the Welfare State breaks down under the weight of entitlements, and chaos & revolution appear inevitable. [A Novel so clearly tuned to contemporary America, that it describes in detail the exact techniques that the New York Times has used since 2016, to smear Donald Trump; the same tactics that "newspaper" employs against the Novel's protagonist in 1994!]

In the midst of a Kiplingesque day of reckoning--title & theme taken from the Kipling poem "The Gods of the Copybook Headings," who return "with terror & slaughter" whenever a people follow the false Gods of the Market too far down the path of wishful thinking--normal men & women pursue survival, love & romance; while conspirators on both the Left & Right maneuver for advantage.

Combining ideological conflict with a story of elemental passion, the author puts both politics & passion into a perspective seldom, if ever, found in contemporary literature. In projecting challenges to traditional values, through well drawn & appealing characters, the author offers a sense of the timeless quality of the human drama.

Tired of an intrusive culture, which treats Government as the ultimate solution to human failure, while denying each of us, tradition & privacy? You will love RETURN OF THE GODS!

It is all about ways to fight back!
Patten Press ISBN: 0-9612974-2-5

List Price $24.95, plus shipping, reduced to $17.76, plus shipping, because of clear relevance & close parallels, between both the political issues & social dynamics, developed in the novel, and the social ferment in 2018 America. While many arguments in the novel will be particularly useful to Conservatives in any election campaign, the tight focus on social interaction from different perspectives, should benefit any contemporary American in addressing the most compelling personal issues.

Call 1-888-814-0208. Trade Discounts available to retailers.

N.B. Enjoy lusty novels with contemporary themes, yet are offended by those that make villains Conservative & good folk altruistic "Liberals?" This novel will make an inexpensive gift. Here the "good" guys think as you & your neighbors; the "bad" guys, as Obama or Clinton supporters. Secure on line ordering!

A Nice Gift For The Politically Minded! A Must Read For All Who Would Understand Political Tactics! (An accurate, but fair, picture of the great "divide" in contemporary America!)

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Essays On Social, Economic, Political, Legal, Cultural, Ethnic & Philosophic Issues

[A Perspective On Our Time.]

Our Last Chance?

[Can Donald Trump, in standing up to embedded Socialist bullies, reignite the adventuresome & aspirational spirit of 1776 America?]

September, 2018 Feature--Truth Based Logic

By 2015, America & the West had lost their way, embracing a "politically correct" egalitarian Socialist vision of human interchangeability that undermined each nation's heritage of aspiration & achievement, when President Trump stepped up.

The West had lost its way! More specifically, America had not only lost her way, she had squandered young lives & bodies, as well as a major share of the multi-generational fruits of her people's labor, to promote a fancy driven narrative of the human adventure: A world vision epitomized by an international form of "politically correct" group think, where each nation deliberately undermined its heritage & traditions to favor an egalitarian fantasy of human interchangeability.

Yet we understate the absurdity of the politically correct thought processes involved. In pursuit of that fantasy, the perpetrators waged an ideological war on the normal aspirations & pride in past achievement of our European allies, across the globe; attacking patriotic heritages on an international scale. It was as though America, having fallen into inadequate hands, was leading a globalist charge against all that is implied by the Fifth of the Ten Commandments, which had once restrained folly & misbehavior among her Founding Fathers.

In place of the normal celebration, by each nation, of a unique history of aspiration & achievement, a corrupted American political class--intimidated by an Academic & Media establishment (indoctrinated with day dreams of "new world orders" based upon that egalitarian fantasy)--sat impotent & mute, while inspirational role models, men & women, whose history had once motivated patriotism & emulation, were either edited out of school curricula or openly disparaged--even vilified.

In place of that former celebration of adventure, aspiration & achievement, generations of youth were taught to accept ethnic mediocrity, where those who had once inspired were openly rebuked, if even mentioned. The collateral effects did not just reflect a decline in positive motivation. The denigration of an aspiratory leadership--in America, as in Europe-- spawned a neurotic guilt complex, where high achieving individuals were taxed--directly or indirectly--to subsidize foreign interests; where immigration policies no longer favored the most compatible--or those with the most needed aptitudes;--but, more & more, the less compatible, and least likely to assimilate, in a seeming quest to deliberately sabotage the cultural continuity of every nation, so afflicted.

In America--in particular--in place of a proper medical screening of new arrivals, to protect the rooted population from dangerous pathogens, still common in the Third World, guilt ridden products of a contrived apologetic culture, have desperately striven to undermine even the most rudimentary border security.

Do the nations of this world--all nations of this world--not have a right to continuity; a right to build on aspiration & achievement, each within the heritage of their forbears? We certainly desire peace among the diverse peoples of the earth; but in a sane world, that most certainly does not require self-destruction. Nor does building on your heritage require destroying your neighbor. Yet, what we have described above, was the increasingly bleak situation in America when Donald Trump decided to run for President, with a promise to "Make America Great Again!"

The hour was late, in 2015, when Donald Trump stepped into the breach to preserve what was left of the American Heritage. When he boldly rejected a spastic "politically correct" mantra that was stifling honest debate throughout the West, we rallied to his banner with a sense of elation. Yet we did not, not until 2018, appreciate how truly late was the hour--how truly great, the personal peril to this wise, brave & good man;--nor how great the potential benefit to each of us, were he to succeed; how great the disaster to our children & grandchildren, were he to fail.

Simply put, Donald Trump stands between our losing or retaining what still remains, in a potential future, of what the immortal Washington won at Yorktown.

Yet, again, almost none of us realized how compromised we already were, even two years ago. This is a sobering moment as one considers the challenges immediately before us. Dare we fail to put our best foot forward?

War On An American Future

What Drives The Trump Haters

No reader will remember another time in his or her lifetime, where any President had to face so hateful an opposition! Yet Donald Trump has bravely faced the storm. If he fails, will we likely find another so willing to engage; so willing to fight for us? Trump may, indeed, be our last real hope for a recognizable America. Review the confluence of factors:

America's Now Or Never Moment?

Consider the antics of masked street thugs--neo-Nazis, financed by fanatic sociopathic collectivist ideologues like George Soros--who pretend to be fighting "fascism," by seeking to intimidate the foes of an overreaching bureaucracy; one that, before Trump, was refusing to recognize or accept the limitations on its power.

Consider the antics & demonstrated priorities of the anti-gun youth in Florida and elsewhere, seeking to deny freedom loving Americans a right to self-defense; or those of the self-anointed "Black Lives Matter," who--if you scan their choice of targets--seek to deny effective Police protection to law abiding residents & businesses in Black neighborhoods. (Note the recent harassment of the convenience store that Michael Brown robbed minutes before his fatal confrontation with law enforcement!)

Consider the full throttle complicity of the mainstream media, as well as so many recognized spokesmen for the Democratic Party, in the effort to rationalize such antics! These people will not go away, or moderate or abandon their Socialist agenda, if they succeed in overthrowing Donald Trump! They are now fully complicit with those seeking to intimidate via control of the urban streets. Is there any way, in which one can scan the present dynamics on the Left, that will render these antics acceptable?!

It was control of the streets of Paris that allowed the Jacobins to take over France for the "Reign of Terror"; control of the streets that enabled the Bolshevik November in Russia, Mussolini's Fascist revolution in Italy, the Nazi take over of Germany.

Obama, a prime example of what the future will hold, if Donald Trump fails, demonstrated his willingness to adapt the methodology of Europe's totalitarian Socialists in 2008. [Coming Home To Roost]

This may well be America's Now or Never moment. God Willing we will win the day. At issue is a return to an America with self-respect, firmly endowed with an adventuresome & aspiratory spirit, ready to achieve & honor the "exceptional." An America, where we celebrate, rather than disparage, high achievement--whether material, cultural or spiritual;--where men & women are mated allies, not rivals; where each generation seeks to build on an ever richer foundation, rather than tear down monuments from a once honored past. An America, which rejects to its very core the hate driven culture of envy & resentment, which has come to dominate a not at all loyal opposition.

William Flax

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