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The links below recall previously posted essays on issues or elections no longer current, nor as immediately relevant as those listed at the Conservative Intelligence Center. Also some items of historic & literary interest, which may never have appeared at the Intelligence Center. All are retained for their ongoing resource value to Conservatives, both American & others.

The Treaty Of Paris--Great Britain Recognizes Sovereign Independence Of The 13 States

Thomas Jefferson's 1793 Memo To President Washington On Treaties & The Law Of Nations

John C. Calhoun's Famous Fort Hill Address On State & Federal Relations

Daniel Webster's Greatest Speech--March 7, 1850--An Incisive Perspective On His Times

Booker T. Washington Outlines The Path To American Negro Progress & Racial Good Will--1895

Douglas MacArthur's Inspiring Farewell To West Point--1962

Rhodesia & The Rhodesians (A 1977 Essay, With New Postscript)

H. L. Mencken's Tribute To James A. Reed--American Mercury, April, 1929--Defines What A Senator Should Be

Edgar Allan Poe's Rebuke To British Utilitarians

Poe Challenges Human Arrogance ("Instinct vs. Reason")

The Philosophy Of Composition--Poe On The Art Of Creative Writing

Sockdolager!--Davy Crockett & The Constitution

Review Of The November, 1998 Election

January, 1999--Attempt To Impeach President Clinton For The Wrong Reason

March, 1999--President Clinton & The Abuse Of Power

Original Article On Kosovo--April, 1999

May, 1999--American Foreign Policy At The Crossroads

1999--The Implications Of A Stock Market Collapse By Early 2002

A Response To Late 1999 Smear Of Pat Buchanan

Correspondence On Media DNA Smear Of Thomas Jefferson

Did Al Gore's Pro-Abortion Rhetoric Prove A Perceptual Deficit?

Campaign 2000--What Republicans Should Have Done In 2000 (If Karl Rove Only Had A Brain)

Lessons From The 2000 Election>>
Politics 2001--Lesson 2000

The Trent Lott Affair--Anatomy & Context of a Smear

Karl Rove & Pseudo Conservatives>>
Karl Rove--Dysron, Quack Or Mole

David Frum To Haiti Project

Karl Rove Revisited!

European Union--Letter To The Conservatives Of Europe

War On Terror>>
The Shortest, Surest Path To Victory

War On Heritage: How To Fight Back>>
The Big Truth

Assault On American Youth>>
Boy Scouts Of America & A Leftwing Agenda

2003, Ohio At 200--An Alert

February, 2004--Iraq: Tactical Folly, Strategic Madness

October, 2004--Rebuke To Trial Lawyer Over Misuse Of Client Trust For Political Purposes>>
Response To James G. Sokolove

Iraq, January, 2005--Major Fallacies In Bush Approach

February, 2005--The Neo-Con Phenomenon

March, 2005--George Washington & George Bush Debate Foreign Policy

April, 2005--The Clinton/Bush Era: How We Got Here. How Do We Escape?

May, 2005--Terry Schiavo: An End To Rational Analysis?

June, 2005--Letter To The New Graduate

July, 2005--Context: The Essential, Nearly Lost, Attribute Of Reason

August, 2005--Days Of Shame 1

September, 2005--Police/Community Relations: Origins Of A Problem

October, 2005--Days Of Shame 2: The Real Issue In New Orleans

November, 2005--Compassion Or Compulsion? Further Effort To Clarify Truth

Primary 2006!--Tactical Tips For Conservative Candidates

Primary 2006!--Tactical Tips For Conservative Candidates, Part 2

February, 2006--What Went Wrong In America In The 20th Century>>
A Full House For Disaster

March, 2006 Response To "A Full House For Disaster">>
Four Of A Kind: Foundations For An American Future

2006--Dance Of The Judas Goats>>
A Fire Bell In The Night

April, 2006>>
Social Reform: Confusion Or "Unintended Consequences?

May, 2006>>
Iran--How Not To Address Sensitive Issues

June, 2006>>
Oil & Economics 101

How Not To Preserve America>>
President Bush On Immigration--May 15, 2006

July, 2006>>
Tactics To Redeem America's Betrayed Heritage

August, 2006>>
Beyond Contemptible: George Bush Grovels To The NAACP

September, 2006>>
A Vicious Circle (Immigration Policy)

October, 2006>>
Clueless--Intellectual Confusion Of A President

2007--Ron Paul For President

Ron Paul--Let The Second Phase Begin

Ron Paul--A Response To Common Questions

Ron Paul--The Real Issues: You Decide

June, 2008>>
Conservative Political Dilemma--2008

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Cincinnati Race Riots, April, 2001

2001 Cincinnati Election Issue: An Expert Is Not Someone From Out Of Town

A Cincinnati Election Issue In 2004>>
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